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Happy Thanksgiving!
Old 11-22-2017, 15:36   #1
Guerrilla Chief
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Happy Thanksgiving!

To all the QP's and their families I wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. To those who are serving away from home and family I want you to know that I am keeping you and yours in my prayers. May God bless you and protect you.

To everyone else, Happy Thanksgiving!
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Area Commander
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Happy Thanksgiving all !!!!

I am thankful Hillary Klinton is not my president.
The function of wisdom is to discriminate between good and evil.

Marcus Tullius Cicero
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Old 11-22-2017, 16:44   #3
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Happy Thanksgiving to all and to those who are so far away from home and from their loved ones.

And to my family, this is the time I truly miss your presence.....

All be safe this holiday and don't overcook your turkey......LOL
Cry....Breath....Never Regret...Move On...Love and Live Life to its Fullest.....

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Old 11-22-2017, 17:09   #4
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Happy Thanksgiving to All.

I am thankful for my beautiful baby girl, whose 1st birthday is coming up on Pearl Harbor Day.
"Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends", John 15:1.

“He should have armed himself if he’s gonna decorate his saloon with my friend”, Clint Eastwood, The Unforgiven.
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Old 11-22-2017, 19:03   #5
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Happy Thanksgiving to all of you QPs and your families! Thank you for your honorable service. And we can be thankful for one more thing: the Hildabeast is still not the President of these United States!

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It's not New Years until that crystal, ball thingy drops in NYC ...

It's not Christmas until Hanz Grubber drops off the Nacatomi building in SoCal ...

and it's not Thanksgiving until turkeys drop from a helicopter in Cincinnati.

Wishing you and yours a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving.

Non Sibi Sed Suis
It's Good To Be Da King !!!! Just ask NDD !!!!
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Thanks for your sacrifices
Old 11-23-2017, 04:09   #7
Quiet Professional
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Thanks for your sacrifices

Happy Thanksgiving to all and your families! Stay safe

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Old 11-23-2017, 04:31   #8
Quiet Professional
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Wishing you & yours a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Stay Safe, Stay Vigilant, Stay Happy..

Prayers out to all deployed..

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Go raibh tú leathuair ar Neamh sula mbeadh a fhios ag an diabhal go bhfuil tú marbh

"May you be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows you’re dead"

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Old 11-23-2017, 06:30   #9
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Happy Thanksgiving to all.
Thought: Make sure to tell the story, especially to the younger ones, of how the Pilgrims managed to not starve to death because they finally abandoned the false-promise of socialism & collectives where slackers were rewarded & workers discouraged. (Yeah, I like to poke the current trend in education these days because, well, survival of culture & all that stuff.)
The coin paid to enforce words on parchment is blood; tyrants will not be stopped with anything less dear. - QP Peregrino
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Old 11-23-2017, 11:06   #10
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Advice from Nolte at Breitbart about that mixed & diverse Thanksgiving crowd. Full article at the link w/other links, as if you don't recognize the type. Some meat & potatoes:

So, other than this preening narcissism that drives leftists to bore everyone else into an early grave with all that incessant prattling on about their various neuroses, why all the crybaby anxiety over a Thanksgiving debate with Uncle Bob?

Do not get me wrong, I am not talking about everyday, rank-and-file Democrats. They are not the ones writing and sharing their delicate angst over Uncle Bob daring to have an opinion. My mom loves Obama, despises Trump, but she lives in the real world and we will have a blast mixing it up today.

No, almost exclusively we see these stories composed by and shared by media elites, urban elites, left-wing activists, and college students — all of whom have one glaring thing in common…

Two words - Ignorance and Cowardice.

They all live in velvet bubbles, in echo chambers, in safe spaces; in self-contained, hermetically sealed, well-guarded windowless castles built with mirrors that reflect only what they want to see — which is a reflection of their pure selves.

Naturally, then, Uncle Bob drives these provincial snowflakes crazy, he enrages and frustrates them, because outside of the confines of a television studio, newsroom, dormitory, and the social media block button, these leftists simply cannot handle open, honest, unfiltered, unregulated, un-rigged debate.

Because Uncle Bob reads and watches everything, not just CNN, not just media outlets that offer up The Sweet Feelz, he has his act together; he is ready for a debate. The smug, strident, sheltered, simpering, barely-employed pantywaist strutting around in his man-bun…? Not so much.

Most of us have seen this first-hand and up close, which is why on Thanksgiving we seek out our sullenly pierced metrosexual nephew. Watching Wokey McWokenWuss slowly fall apart (like this) under Uncle Bob’s common sense, real world experience, alternative point-of-view, and refusal to collapse into a puddle of Scarborough when smeared as an istophobe,” is what the holidays are really all about.

Once a sheltered, narrow-minded left-winger — be it a fake news-journalist, student, professor, artist, bureaucrat, or unemployed Womyn’s Studies graduate — is removed from Woke World and dropped into the diverse intellectual eco-system of Real World, they crumble like the little girls they all really are.
Pass the cranberry relish please.
The coin paid to enforce words on parchment is blood; tyrants will not be stopped with anything less dear. - QP Peregrino
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Quiet Professional
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Happy Turkey Day to All !!!!!
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Red Flag 1
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Happy Thanksgiving, especially to ALL that made this possible !
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Happy Thanksgiving especially to those far away and those working.

Historic context:

"It is because they have so much to give and give it so lavishly...that men love the mountains and go back to them again and again." Sir Francis Younghusband


By Dand

"In the school of the wilds,there is no graduation day"Horace Kephart

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Happy Thanksgiving to all my PS brothers and sisters! Enjoy your time with family to the fullest.

To all who are away from their families, know that you will be in my families thoughts and prayers!
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