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Question Career Decision: Looking For Quiet Professional Insight

First off I would like to apologize if this question has been asked before. I am on this site using my iPhone and the search function isn't working from my device. Although I did browse through some forums first.

I am 16, turning 17 in August and I've been training to be in a SOF since 15. I have been weighing out the pros and cons of enlisting with an 18x, option 40, SEAL Challenge, or GTEP Combat Control contract. I've been looking for that "deciding factor" that would help me come to a conclusion on which SOF I want to dedicate myself, time, and training efforts to.

The biggest issue is that I'm looking from the outside in, most people tell me "Well would you rather do foreign internal defense, maritime operations, JTAC/ATC, direct action, special reconnaissance, personnel recovery, etc." The issue is I don't know. I can try to guess what a FID mission would be like, but I've never been there done that, same goes for all the other mission sets. So I'm here to ask you for your personal opinion. Which missions do you find to be the most interesting/appealing/fun/worthwhile for the individual operator/etc? I could make some ignorant guess and say "FID is boring and underwater demolitions rock so I'm gonna be a SEAL!" but it would be just that, an ignorant guess not based on experience but some Wikipedia description. How do you feel when you're tasked with a FID mission, a DA mission, etc. Do the Soldiers in your ODA prefer one over the other and why? Could someone also elaborate on the inner workings of how each SOF conducts their missions and why you find one to be more appealing than the other.

This question was raised after briefly speaking with a former 2nd Recon Marine who said he thought reconnaissance was exactly what he wanted to do, to find out he ended up hating it because he didn't know the ins and outs prior to enlisting.

To help those who answer:

1) Which missions do you find most interesting/appealing/fun/worthwhile for the individual out of the basic DA, SR, FID, etc terms?

2) How do you feel when you're tasked with a FID mission? Or DA mission? Etc?

3) Do you prefer DA, SR, FID, etc and why?

4) Could you elaborate on how each SOF conducts those missions and do you envy how they conduct those missions? For example one SOF may see a majority of their combat patrolling, while another would see their combat on surgical DA missions. Or one SOF may tend to do a specific type of reconnaissance more often than others.

I apologize for the questions, but I want to ensure that I sign my life away to a SOF (assuming I make it) that I will truly enjoy. This is the biggest decision of my life so far and it will be the first major life altering decision I make as an adult, the help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Then get off your iphone and do proper research....

Also, go read the forum rules...Apparently you haven't.

Thread closed....
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