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Fly Fishermen?

Any fly fishermen on here? If so any fly tyers? I was wondering if any of you tyers wanted to do a swap? I've seen stuff like that on fly tying boards, but never really got involved, as there's only two forums I really frequent.

Looks like the typical swap tends to be something like 10 flies per person, sent to one individual then divied up amonst those that participate so we would each get 10 different flies each from other tyers.

Looked like an interesting way to get some different flies from other tyers and I really don't know any fly guys in my area, but I do so love to tie. Nothing like catching fish on a lure you made yourself, especially when it's out of random things from around the house. I mostly warm water fish, so I've gotten pretty adept at tying poppers and some fairly realistic grubs. Do a heck of a foam frog too. At some point I plan to start doing crank baits from scratch, but I can honestly say, with all the freakin' PT I've been doing plus SCUBA, plus my random assortment of class, I don't have time (nor much energy) for yet another hobby, even an addition to one I already have! Flies, even the poppers, really don't take a lot of time, so I'll stick with them for the moment.

Regardless, hopefully you guys may be interested.
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wet dog
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I tie and fly....

I've got mostly cold water, trout flies. Emergers, wet/dry, exciters, etc. I tend to not use floresent strike indicators, but terrestrials like mice, spiders, ants, and hoppers. I figure having a second hook in the water only increases my odds.

I have 12 patterns in 6 different sizes for about 96% of the fish I take. The remaining 1000 dozen flies are for the remaining 4%. Doesn't seem right, but that's how I roll.

My stuff has stuff. I also fish with Jameson, (it's my plan "B"), if things go wrong.

PM me an address, I'll send a few.
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Wet Dog - don't you ALSO fish with ???

molon labe

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wet dog
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Originally Posted by Tatonka316 View Post
Wet Dog - don't you ALSO fish with ???

molon labe
....Mr. Johnny Walker, and a distant cousin, John Powers.

You funny GI.
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Roguish Lawyer
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I fly fish but I don't tie.
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I also fly fish but have yet to learn how to tie flies. I'm still struggling with tattooing fleas for the time being.

Attached: Long Draw Res on the northern border of Rocky Mountain National Park. Elevation: 10K ft ASL. Me with a couple of Cutthroat trout. Mid August last year.

Yes, I cheated that day after catching only one cutthroat on fly rod so I switched to a spinning rod/reel. The winds were too high for a fly rod/reel so I used an adjustable bobber with a #6 lead extending from the bobber and a fly at the end. Technically, it was still fly fishing. All that matters was that I caught trout and no one else did.
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I have been putting off fly-fishing for a long time. However, the bug is really starting to bite me.

The locals here have figured out that, when the white bass are running, a small black fly will absolutely slaughter the whites in the rivers(as white bass fight like crazy, they are having a ball catching those things in the rivers).

Also, I went bonefishing a few years ago, and want to go again. Bonefish are an amazing fight, and everybody talks about how fun catching one on a flyrod can be.
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Habu-MFFI 175
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I flyfish and tie flies. Most of mine are a few small nymphs an such for bluegill, a few diver/floaters for bass and loads of saltwater flies. I target red drum and speckled trout with most of my flies. Occasionally even catch a flounder on a fly..

I tie a lot of flies/ darts for the annual shad run up the Neuse and Roanoke Rivers that takes place in the spring of the year. Along with the fly we make a "nail fly". That is one made with a fake finger nail....works great on shad. The shad darts also double for some great crappie flies.

Look down on past threads and you will see some other tyers flies.

I've already "Paid it Forward", Keep the Change.

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Area Commander
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This is one of the best sources for fly fishing, "Matching the Hatch: A Practical Guide to Imitation of Insects Found on Eastern and Western Trout Waters"; the author also has written a number of other books on the subject.

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I have been fly fishing in the Key for the last 10 yrs, but because of med "things", I have not been out in a couple years.

I started to tie but quickly found our these fingers are not the type that handle intricate thread well. So, I traded my access to the flats for flies. Worked well before I sold the boat.

Another great book on fly tying is Lefty's SaltWater Fly Patterns. You can scale most of the patterns down for fresh water winnie fishing.


Part of our annual PoonTangle was a fly swap. I was very fortunate to get some outstanding examples,, and the fly liked them too..

One of the great things about saltwater fly fishing.. Like most animal species, the bigger ones tend to be a little slow. Soooo, they are easer to fool when your fly is not as pretty as the ones that win tying contest. In fact the big fish are plane stupid and will bite just about anything you throw in their face. On the flip side, Bones can as fickle as they go..

Tight Lines..

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For about fifteen years, I regularly "hung out" in the George Town, Great Exuma, Bahamas area. (I need to go back!!!!) There is great bone fishing there, along with pretty good to great scuba diving.

One of the hotels outside town is along a little bay that consistently produced nice catches to guys (and a few gals) who passed on breakfast while waiting for a guide to take them somewhere - at which place they might not catch as much as they did in the a.m. at the bay!

Never got into fly fishing myself...
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I've been fly fishing off & on since college; mostly NE PA and the Salmon River. I've tried my hand at tying, but I've only managed to master the strike indicator (fat fingers)! I don't have access to my tying book right now, but I'll second the recommendation for Lefty's books, he is a phenominal fly fisherman.

I've got a couple trips planned towards the end of this year, I'll post pictures as to not get called out for telling fish tales.
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Avid Fly Fisherman here. I have been using the long rod since I was about 8. Cut my Fly Fishing teeth on some of the great western rivers. I now live in Eastern NC and don't get to the mountain trout often enough.

That being said I have plenty of flies. My collection is mostly from flies my Grandfather ties (all winter). I would be interested in a fly swap. We used to send flies for trade all the time on a Fly Fishing forum I am part of based here in NC. I don't tie myself very often but Grandpa ties beautiful flies.
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Rustin S
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I love to fly fish. I got lucky when the family moved out here to MT a long time ago. Fished some of the well known rivers over here, and some lesser known streams as well. I've been fly tying for awhile and was able to get pretty good at it until I went off to college. Made a couple of rods also for myself, family, and friends. Now that I am going off to the service everything got boxed up.
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Go-to flies

I know there are a couple of fly-fishing threads so I thought this was as good as any to place this question. It's that time of year here.

You're out on the stream and there's no hatch or any aquatics to be found to try to match. What are your go-to flies for your location. If it's one you cooked up post a picture.

PA streams

1. Beadhead Hare's ear nymph (size 14-16)
2. Beadhead Woolly bugger (Brown, black, chartreuse in that order) (size 12-16)
3. Sucker spawn of assorted colors (tied with egg yarn, white, cream, yellow, orange, red) (Size 14-16)

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