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Horus Scopes
Old 07-02-2010, 08:50   #1
TF Kilo
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Horus Scopes

Has anyone here had any range time with Horus scopes? I know from a search some people don't like the reticle style... I stumbled across their scopes, and a couple models look like they'd be good for putting on my AR, and/or my 7 mag....

If they'll hold up. So, I'm here for some wisdom.

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I have some time behind them. I do like the reticle, but it does take a little getting used to. I was fortunate enough to use them in a S&B. A lot of people don't think Horus scopes have good glass and they only have a one year warranty. I think you'll find more people that like the reticle but don't like the tubes, glass or the company.

I did just buy a Horus Blackbird with the H58 reticle with is far less busy than the H25 or H37 and I think it's a good scope for an AR (5.56 or 308) platform. All Horus scopes are FFP but not all have adjustable parallax.

Interesting little tidbit - Todd Hodnett had several people look thru a variety of scopes (without them knowing what they were) and rate the glass. S&B and Hensoldt were tops (of course these were both over $4K - the S&B is right at $4K with the Horus reticle), Leupold, Horus, and Nightforce were considered middle ground, USO was liked the least. But there are some people who really like the USO and think Leupold and Horus are crap glass.
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Old 07-02-2010, 14:01   #3
TF Kilo
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That's interesting, with regards to the glass quality. It's also promising... the next thing would be simple longevity... if anyone's ran the Horus manufactured scopes hard to figure out if they're good to go or have a failure rate, etc. I figured that some of the guys here had possibly had the opportunity to try them out for "free" and be able to beat the snot out of them accordingly...

Other reviews I have seen elsewhere have come back favorably from sandbox use of the Horus scopes themselves...

That blackbird is actually what I was looking at for my AR... that and replacing the glass on my 7 mag with a Falcon, down the road.
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A lot depends on what you want to do with the 7 mag. It has good range if handloaded with high BC bullets. The least scope I would put on a 1K hunting rifle is a Luepold VX3 with the Long Range option in 50 mmm. They have upped the quality of the glass and the coatings and the dials are now what the old Mark 4 were- i. e dual springs. Very reliable scope under adverse conditions.

Mostly I use 56 mm Nightforces but the Luepolds will get the same job done 99.9% of the time for less money. Bear in mind that at 60+ years my eyes really need the large objectives.

A lot of people buy the Sightron S3 but so far nobody with one has managed to kill an animal further than I can throw a rock. So that says something about the quality of the hunters who buy them or the quality of the scope. Not sure which is not up to snuff.

If someone was to just drop off a box on my front door step free of charge I would surely wish a Hensoldt 72mm was in it. If I ever build another super long range rifle that is what I will mount on it.

I know nothing about ARs so I got nothing to say about that.
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Old 07-02-2010, 14:48   #5
TF Kilo
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Well right now the 7 mag has a vx3 onboard, but it's not a LR model. It was on the rifle when I picked it up for 700 bucks out of a pawn shop around 8 years ago. I don't intend on taking game with it past 400m or so, but I would like to stretch its legs for fun... and good dope just in case.
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Old 07-02-2010, 16:09   #6
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I have used both the Talon and the Blackbird, prefer the Blackbird and have recently purchased another to run on my next trip. The Talon was obtained on a trade and I have yet to break it so I thought I would give the Blackbird a go. Ran it in the shoothouse a couple months ago and did pretty well with it.

Like Koz, I have run into quite a few people who find the glass less than optimal but for a carbine I dont have an issue with them. The reticle takes some getting used should find it to be much faster than dialing.

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second shot correction & recoil
Old 10-12-2010, 21:56   #7
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Question second shot correction & recoil

(copy and paste)horusvision.com/img/hrsgame.swf

I could see using Horus reticle is much faster than dialing for first round hit. However, the simulation seems to suggest you can make correction based on seeing bullet impact ie. dirt/dust splash (I've been cautioned against using this to make correction, but I digress).
1. Is it realistic to see this through the shooter's own scope? Maybe my hold & follow through just suck but in all my LR shooting (.308, 6.5), I could not keep the rifle still enough to look through the scope during point of impact. It seems a spotter using a scope with the same reticle and holding the same holdover is required to make the correction.
2. Unless the background is flat wall, wouldn't the dirt splash not necessarily correspond to the reticle correction?
3. What about when there's no dirt splash ie. thick vegetation?

Gents, care to shed some light?

Thanks for the education.
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Just my opinion
Old 01-09-2011, 00:23   #8
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Just my opinion

Just my opinion. I've had the opportunity to use both the Horus and other types of reticules over the years. I find the Horus busy and obtrusive. It is a great reticule for long distance sniping. If (and only if) you have a spotter with a Horus reticule spotting scope, the correction calls can be rapid. Anyone who says they can spot their own rounds with the Horus is not practicing proper follow though.

For "combat" sniping, I have not found a better reticule than the mil dot reticule. Call me old fashioned, but it's the bee's knees for rapid target acquisition. I can actually see the target and it's not obscured by lines and dashes. This is crucial when shooting a man who is sprinting across an alley (or boulder to boulder) at a distance. I've also heard the same from fellow sharpshooters who have had to engage dynamic targets at a distance.
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horus reticles
Old 01-15-2015, 17:21   #9
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horus reticles

It's been a few years so I thought I'd bump the thread and see current thoughts on the horus reticles. Do you like it and for what applications are you using it?
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Old 01-15-2015, 19:03   #10
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Originally Posted by Patriot007 View Post
It's been a few years so I thought I'd bump the thread and see current thoughts on the horus reticles. Do you like it and for what applications are you using it?
Try searching HDMR. We've discussed it quite a bit elsewhere.
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