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Half my teammates in the 5/19 were either SF in 'Nam or Reserve component qualified (Correspondence course and consolidated Phase training). It took them three years after Jump school to become SF qualified. They were damn good SF soldiers and even better in the UW aspects. They had a real life and career outside of the Army.

I was proud to watch those then young pups go to war as Team Sergeants, Sergeant Majors, Company and Battalion Commanders.
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Originally Posted by CSB View Post
======Here's one of my "Candy Stripers", and one of my "Full Flash" soldiers, circa 1979. 11th Special Forces Group, USAR, Winston-Salem, NC.
That Candy Striper.... looks like a SF Doc we had in 1-10 in 2002-2005 timeframe.. He wouldn't be of Irish descent, would he?
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