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10-13-2010, 12:48
Does anyone remember where we did our JCET training for the Austrian Winter JCET? Any of you have any pictures? While we are on the subject any pixs from Dombås Norway??

10-13-2010, 16:03
The course headquarters was in Saalfelden...we trained on a glacier near Stubai, as I recall...we also had a day of skiing on a glacier near Innsbruck...hell, it's been 28 years almost...just remembered...I turned 30 digging a snow cave in that course...LOL...

I remember the course well, though...we were kitted out in Austrian Army uniforms and were riding the bahn with civilians, including several American women...we were speaking German with our counterparts...the girls started making comments, in English, about Jerry M., our bergfuerher...they giggled and snickered and such...Jerry said something to one of our instructors and right before we got off the bahn, in heavily accented English, the Austrian NCO looked at one of them and said "Nice tits..." Jerry then apologized for his friend with his best Southern-accented English...

I have some pictures of Alpini School, used to have some of the Austrian Course, but I suspect those are on the ex-wife's dart board or in the Lyon County Landfill in Nevada...

10-13-2010, 16:44
I can try to look for some of Dombås Norway, but it will be in the late 90's.

Let me know.

11-10-2010, 09:06
I believe I have some photos of from Dumb A** from 85, 86, and 87, I'll try to check tonight. My team (021) did the WW thing in 85 and 87, it was great instruction for 1940... We ran the partisan course for the homeguard in 86. Had a different Tm Ldr and Tm Sgt each time. Both times we did the WW we had Tm Sgts that could spell ski, both came to Toelz from 5th to get their overseas tour. I have a vivid picture in my memory of MSG(P) M+++ hanging upside down from his skis held by two small trees, one on each side of a very small draw. There was a small run-off in the draw that was rapidly soaking him and everything on him to include the 100lbs of hvy weight shit he carried. Never forget his ruck made from two jungle ruck frames spliced together...


11-30-2010, 09:29

Was this the JCET that preceeded the Tm Tech beating the crap out of the Tm Ldr while he was in a hosptial bed???

I later deployed with that guy as my Co. Cdr, real POS.


11-30-2010, 12:18
I don't recall any of that Congressman. Speaking of 5th Groupers coming to 1/10 for their overseas tour, not wanting to be an Ausländerfeindlichkeit but for the most part they were a pain. I had one try to convince me to carry more water and less fuel during a FTX. He said he wanted to make sure the team didn’t become dehydrated during the movement? It really took a couple of us to convince him that we were surrounded by water and every meal we needed for the most part had to be heated to help keep our core temps up and so on. In the end he didn’t finish the infill movement, came down with hyperthermia, too much warmies and not enough layering, again not listening to the boys with a couple of WETs under the belt. Always entertaining during the downhill portion of alpine mobility training though.

11-30-2010, 12:44
Speaking of 5th Groupers coming to 1/10 for their overseas tour, not wanting to be an Ausländerfeindlichkeit but for the most part they were a pain... Always entertaining during the downhill portion of alpine mobility training though.That said, I know of two refugees from 5th Group that became Bergfuhrers and several more that were very adept Winter Warfare instructors...we picked up a couple of guys from 3/7 for whatever reason...they were not loving Toelz...and ski season was probably the most dangerous thing we undertook each year...ah, yes...the Garland with rucksacks...:eek:

11-30-2010, 15:05
I just remembered this news paper I found while looking for a classmate. Might be of interest to this topic. The Berlin Observer, Feb 2, 1973.

"Berlin Brigade Ski Team readies for international ski competition"

It is a pdf image file and to big to upload. Any QP that wants a copy,, Let me know.

I converted a small chunk of the front page to a jpg..


12-01-2010, 14:46
Speaking of foreigners, anyone remember the exercise where the Tm Ldr and Sr Medic were evacuated for eating poisonous berries :o

12-02-2010, 11:51
Yep and we never let them forget it either.

12-03-2010, 14:04
Do they both get red berry lai's for the luau?