View Full Version : Topsail Rat Reds

Habu-MFFI 175
07-28-2010, 21:14
Hit Topsail again today in time for the 2 hour before high tide bite... Netted some fresh finger mullet and put em out to see what was biting. It wasn't but a few minutes and pulled in a nice sting ray... Grabbed another finger mullet and put it back out. Again wasn't but a few minutes and that tell ...tell rod bend...

Fishing was good but the highlite of the day was the ride to Topsail down Hwy 50. I saw a big Mama bear and 2 cubs crossing the road. Pretty cool...

Todays total..1 stingray, 4 rat reds, 1 flounder and 2 big mullet..

Pulled in several rat reds in the next few casts. One one em had 7 spots on one side and 5 on the other.

This one is showing the circle hook doing its job...right in the corner of the mouth...

A great time to be on the water. Todays time was from 9am til 12 noon....


Habu-MFFI 175
07-28-2010, 21:15
Finally something just a tad different hit...supper time.. 15 1/2 inch

Then for good measure, there were plenty of these swimming around so I grabbed a couple of them for a catfish trip next week.. These are definately grill size.

Fished from 0900 to 1215.