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12-02-2008, 04:33
I'm not sure if this thread should go here or in another forum, please excuse me if I should have placed it somewhere else. But it is intended for a certain audience.

I am an E4 11b who is currently winding down and a 15 deployment in iraq, i will be returning to Ft. Carson in early '09. During my time throughout this deployment i have worked on gaining as much experience as possible, as to prepare myself for attending SFAS in the near future.

I am looking for anyone who is with 10th SFG, and would have any time or willingness to mentor/ give advice to a young soldier on any tips or lessons that will be helpfull. Once again if i have placed this thread in the wrong location i apologize and will re-post in desired location. Thank you for your time and service.

Conrad Y
12-02-2008, 06:16
You are in luck. You can simply go down to the SF compound there on Carson, look for the SF recruiter office (I think it is still at the Isofac) and talk to that guy. He can hook you up faster than anyone. The Carson directory assistance can help you get the phone number if the office has moved in the years since I left.
Good hunting,

12-03-2008, 04:34
I will be contacting the recruiting office as soon as I return to the states. If there is anyone else who is stationed at Carson that would be interested in mentoring it would be greatly appreciated.

12-03-2008, 06:15
Red, I wish you the very best at your trek towards the stated goal. You recognized a weakness and asked for help = good. BUT also remember you are asking help on a forum that is comprised of members who by demonstration and qualification are self motivated, self starting, and have individually achieved the status they hold now. There will be no mentorship in SFAS, and that is your 5 meter target.

I have seen this brotherhood will bend over backwards for those who need it, (believe me, I constantly ran to SWC or other SME's for help long after I graduated the Q, just as others on this site continue to do) but I have to question where the need is in this particular case.

But, I will offer this: Research this site, PT PT PT, and then sign up at the recruiter and go get your boarding pass. Then,,,,,,, PT some more.

I know for a fact this has been covered,,,,


12-03-2008, 19:11
The SF Recruiting office has moved over to one of the buildings by the Welcome Center. As far as help with SFAS, read the stickies and buy the Prep book that lots on here have purchased. I was stationed here with 3rd ACR before I went. I used the little prep book that the recruiter gave me plus my own PT program. Lots of rucking and running. If you pass selection since you're here, you can try to come over to OJT before you head back to Bragg for the Q. Most of the guys over here are prettty busy, but the Recruiters are pretty good about helping guys out that are interested. Good luck man.

12-04-2008, 04:05
Thanks for all of your advice, i will put all of it to use. I'll be home in a short while and will be on my way.