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11-08-2008, 07:15
Just for your SA in case you are ordering gloves from them. In June my Oakley gloves finally had enough. After a big demo day, I came back and ordered 2 new pair, figuring that two pair would easily get me through the next 6 months.

I ordered the gloves and waited... and waited... after three weeks I sent an email, then waited. After waiting another week and purchasing a cheap pair to get me through in the meantime, I decided to call and find out what was happening. Well, I called both numbers on the website and they didn't work. I emailed them again, and to no surprise there was no reply.

Operationally we got busy and I forgot about my order. I hit R&R and my team moved again. Last week I was going through some gear and it dawned on me the gloves were still out there.

I tried to call again, and luckily the local number worked (the 1800 still did not). I spoke with a representative who told me that they were shipping that day. Coincidence? Probably not, since it had been about 6 months. I'm guessing someone had dropped the order, but when I asked them whether or not they tracked processed orders to make sure they shipped; they told me they were working on a system for that. :rolleyes:

I admit it, i'm an Oakley whore. I have a laptop bag, backpack, and a few different sets off eyewear. I like their products and ordering from oakley.com has never been a problem. I'm not sure to chalk up this experience to ordering from the box, if it was just a glitch at usstandardissue.com, or if they are having a hard time with glove orders. Just be aware that if you don't see your order in about 15 days something might be up. My buddy Paul placed an order at the same time for lenses and gloves. His lenses came within a week, but I don't know if his gloves ever did.

11-08-2008, 08:57
Perhaps it is an issue with their gloves because we have placed several orders (both individually and for the team) for glasses and never had a problem... then again maybe we have just be lucky. Also, when I have an issue or question, I email them so I have tractability of due diligence.

The Reaper
11-08-2008, 09:07
I have had good service with them ordering eyewear, to include a set of prescription lenses, but I use SWMS gloves, never used the Oakley's.


Ambush Master
11-08-2008, 09:47
Which SWMS glove do you use, or recommend for a riding glove??

I am currently wearing Aerostitch Vegans, but will always be looking for something better.

Take care.

The Reaper
11-08-2008, 10:08
I have used the SWMS as riding gloves, andf they have a few that work in that application, but my personal favorite is a quality fingerless deerskin MC glove with palm padding for summer riding, and an insulated deerskin gauntlet type glove for dry winter riding.

If it is raining, I would rather find someplace dry, quickly.


Team Sergeant
11-08-2008, 15:17
I have had good service with them ordering eyewear, to include a set of prescription lenses, but I use SWMS gloves, never used the Oakley's.


Same here, no problems with ordering eyewear. I'm a very satified veteran. (Especially with the discount we receive.)


11-08-2008, 21:28
Don't know why you're having problems getting gloves - the FBNC MCSS sell SWMS and Oakley (+ several other quality brands); I bought mine off the rack! :p TR got me hooked on the SWMS stuff a couple years ago, I've got a pair in my range bag now.

11-10-2008, 14:36
I could have bought some Oakley's when I was up in Baghdad, but I figured I had two pair on the way. Plus, for some reason the Oakley dealers that they put in the PX's over here sell them for 75.00 a pair. You think they would give the troops the standardissue.com price since it is very easy to determine who is in the armed forces and who isn't.

11-10-2008, 16:13
I ordered a pair of boots a couple of weeks back. The day after I placed the order, I received my conformation e-mail telling me that they were shipped and I should expect them within ten business days. Ten days pass, no boots. I call costumer service and they tell me that they are on back order. I was furious. Don't send me an e-mail telling me that they have been shipped when they haven't. I will never order from USSI again.