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Smokin Joe
03-24-2007, 22:25

My agency is re-evaluating how we implament our Defensive Tactics curriculum into our Deputies and Detention Officers.

All staff has been introduced to most (or all) of the techniques in their basic academy. But like most cops they don't train. So, they lose a ton of information.

What we have done in the past is break all of the techniques and subjects into 4 hour building blocks. For example:
DT1: Basic body mechanics, personal defense techniques, and use of force.
DT2: Brief overview of DT1, Force Delivery Techniques and Control Techniques
DT3: Review of DT1 and DT2, then we get into break falls, ground survival and pressure points.
So on and So forth all the way up to DT 7 were it is a defense against edge weapons, sticks, multi-person encounters etc., etc.

We have the curriculum, what we are looking for is a new and more efficient way of covering the same material so everyone retains more information and there is less of a gap (knowledge wise) between trainings. The material by design is basic and is easy to retain. Our problem is that we aren't seeing the results in the field. ie people aren't replicating there training when the fit-hits-the-shan.

I know bi-weekly training would be great but the admin wont go for that. What we are authorized to hold is: Quarterly (optional) training and twice a year mandatory trainings.

Any and all imput is welcome...If you don't want to post in the open feel free to drop me a PM and Ill give you my agency e-mail address.

Thank you for your time, knowledge, and assistance.


03-28-2007, 12:32
Sent a PM.

Smokin Joe
03-28-2007, 21:49

I'll shoot you an e-mail ASAP... friggin crazy week. I have 4 cases going to Grand Jury tomorrow.