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Posted a thread to the 1st Group forum and realized I never posted an introduction here after joining. Figured I would do so now.

I am a current member of 1 SFG(A) and have been since 2007. My entire time has been spent at Lewis on an ODA/ODG. Started out as an 18C, eventually transitioned to 18F, and most recently transitioned to being a 180A.

Hoping to use this site to help build out a history/team member log for my detachment to document the detachment's lineage and provide a space for future documentation.
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Hello everyone,
I'm currently writing this intro while being forward. I'm a 1LT with a scout platoon with a few more months left out here. My year group opens this fall, so when we get back I'll be dropping my SFAS packet. I'm 31 and live with my family in Colorado. I made an account on here years ago before I joined the army but lost access to my registered email and never transferred access to another email. I found out about this forum from the book Get Selected which I brought with me out here. I'm on here to gather as much knowledge as I can about the profession, make some contacts and friends, and overall learn more about SF!
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Best of luck LT.
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Hello all,

I'm Matt, I'm an old guy (as far as SF candidates are concerned), I'm 31 y/o.
I honestly only recently started thinking about the military and just recently discovered that not all SOF missions are the same. I'm currently studying to become a paramedic and learned about 18-Delta. Since then I've been doing everything I can to prepare. In my mind, even though I'm an older guy, it fits like a glove, and the more I look into it, the more it fits. I came here hoping to ideally find a mentor, and if not, to find as much info as I can to get myself mentally and physically prepared for not only SFAS but for the career itself. I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

Thank you!

p.s. Quick thanks to Eagle5US for helping me get my account sorted!

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Originally Posted by HermitTheDog View Post
Hello all,

I'm Matt, I'm an old guy (as far as SF candidates are concerned), I'm 31 y/o.

Thank you!

Welcome, there is plenty of information here to fill your brain, but I would suggest these starter threads:

SFAS Advice

Get Selected for Special Forces

18Xs and Rep 63s

Good luck..
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I'm a Marine First Lieutenant stationed in 1st Marine Division. Over the next few months, I'll move back to my home state and attempt to join 20th SFG(A) as an 18D.

Thank you for giving your time to mentor the next generation. I'll learn everything I can.
Study philosophy if you want to know less and less about more and more until you know nothing about everything.

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be.” ~Billy Shakes

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I spent a few years as an analyst in an Aussie S23/5 BDE HQ producing support products, alongside USMC MRF-D when they come over.

Currently I am a small business owner and in my part time I have been developing a program that models career and unit management.

I have studied capstone doctrines including JP 3-05, but I know that learning at that level is like unearthing a pyramid using a paint brush.

I look forward to learning from professionals alongside other motivated people, as well as contributing where I can with the resources I've picked up!
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Greetings and Gratitude

Hey ya'll, my name is Alec and I am a non-prior service civilian. I just turned 32 and am discerning the best path forward to fulfilling a call to military service and my goal of doing so with Special Forces.

Current options I'm exploring are OCS then SF when my year comes up, going enlisted and applying for an age waiver for 18x, or taking an 11b Airborne Option contract and volunteering for SFAS as soon as I get the chance.

This site has already been an invaluable asset in learning more about the community and the remarkable individuals within it. I'm currently following Kevin Edgerton's 18a SFAS Prep Course for the physical component, and the corresponding SOF Mental Prep Course. I also just began reading "Get Selected" thanks to this forum.

Thank you all for your continued service on this website- I look forward to learning and applying all that I can.

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Hello Everyone, We are the parents of a current Capt. attending the QCourse , he has recently navigated thru with his team the SERE portion of training . We do not know yet where he will end up eg ODA but as supportive parents we are just so proud of the community here at Ft.Bragg and the support he ,his wife and our new 5 month old grandson has received from the area.
We just wanted to reach out and say thank you to all that have served and to the quiet professionals a special thank you to your families and support group. The sacrifice made by all in your circle is incredible the requirements needed to support someone in SOF and see them succeed is immeasurable and we salute you.

God Bless and God Speed

Great news this evening our son informed us that he will be joining the 1 SFG Ft. Lewis , which was his number 1 on his wish list.

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Welcome and congratulations to your son.
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An Introduction


I am a communications officer supporting the Department of State and have always wanted to serve in the military specifically the Special Forces, but due to my career requiring frequent immediate deployments OCONUS I have not had an opportunity.

Fortunately, in the coming year I will be changing away from PCS and TDY based positions and filling a role CONUS; subsequently, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to pursue my personal desire of enlisting.

Due to the delays caused by my civilian employment I find myself 33 years old as I embark on the most physically demanding undertaking thus far in my life. Luckily I have spent years exercising with the protective staff at my various posts and I feel confident in being able to perform at the high standards of the community I wish to join. I have also endeavored to acquire SA through forums such as this, talking with former Green Berets I happen to work alongside with, and reading books such as Get Selected.

My major concern is that I was a victim of an Anomalous Health Incident (AHI) aka Havana Syndrome. While I am medically cleared by the DOS to work and travel in their designated conflict zones, and the syndrome is not officially recognized as a TBI, I fear it will be a disqualifying issue.

I look forward to interacting and learning from each and everyone of you.
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-Joined the Army in 1986
-Wasted 10 years of my life before I finally figured out what I wanted
-Graduated the 18E course in 1997
-ODA 744 1997-2002
-SWC tour - NCO Academy (ANCOC) 2002-2005
-18F course 2005
-ODA 743 2005-2008
-HAVE ACE East 2008-2011
-Retired in 2011
-After I retired I spent a couple years working as a UW Instructor for MARSOC
- In 2014 I moved back to Florida - back to 7th Group - and spent the next 8 years building and running the 7th Group CIED training program
- July 2022 I moved to Colorado and am currently working as the SOF SME for the 71st EOD Group training team on Ft. Carson.
-Married a girl from Peru in 1999 (I know - total 7th Group cliché) - 23+ years together and 2 kids in college and we love each other more than when we got married
"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction"
- Ronaldus Magnus
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18e.Wannabe introduction


I am a current 42A SGT who intends to become an 18E Special forces communication Sergeant. I am 21 years old and enlisted in the U.S. Army in 2019 as a Human Resources Specialist.

I love to be active, run, ruck, and otherwise compete with my peers. I jump at the chance to compete in Best Warrior/NCO Competitions, PT Competitions, Timed rucks, etc.

These past three years have led me to the realization that I want more from a job than a desk and a 9 to 5. I want to do something with no guarantee of success with people who strive for excellence.

I attended SFAS in June of 2022 with the result of a gate 1 involuntary withdrawal. It was due to a personal lack of preparation. I won't hide my mistakes during my first train up. Nutrition was horrible and I didn't even consider how sleeps affected my body. On top of that, with my main weakness of pushups I tried to spend so many hours in the gym that I neglected simple calisthenics.

I intend to return in March and have since taken my training much more seriously. I now track my nutrition/macros to the gram, apply habits for healthier sleep, and now work with a Navy Seal Officer with a degree in physiology to help plan and execute my workouts based on my weaknesses and strengths.

If anyone has any specific questions about how I would've better prepared for SFAS please feel free to reach out.
Just here to learn and chase the calling.
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