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SF and Blue Chord

Hi all, My question involves a situation my son is in at the moment. He served with the 1st Ranger Bn as an 11B for 4 years and upon re-enlistment went to SFAS and was selected for SFQC. He is currently finishing up phase II of the Q course. My question is this. Since his mos will be changed from 11B to 18B will he no longer be able to wear the infantry Blue Vhord? I understand he will still be able to wear badges such as CIB but not sure of the Infantry chord. thanks
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Since his mos will be changed

He ain't infantry no more.
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Once he changes his MOS to an 18 series, the blue infantry cord is no longer authorized for wear, along with the blue disc and crossed rifles. He'll change to the crossed arrows for 18 series and an SF Tab. He can still wear his previously awarded badges such as the CIB, unit combat patch, etc.
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fill out your profiel introduce yourself in the appropriate place.

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Short answer, NO, he will not wear his chord or blue disks once he becomes an 18 series MOS.
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