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Talking Did some time at 1st Group

91-92 - ODB-160
92-94 - ODA-162
94-97 - SFDK
97-99 - HSC, 2nd BN, S-6

Retired at 24 years, Commo Guru then and still - Harris RF Communications, Rochester, NY, 13 years now doing about the same thing!
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1st Group

Was with the 1st right out of Bragg in 1969, A-213, went over with M.Whitt and M. Blackwell, left Oki to CCC than TF2AE, back again to the 1st and returned with the colors after revision to Bragg to join the 5th group, great time and great memories
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Quiet Professional
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Previous B/1/1 now A/2/1
"This is the law:
The purpose of fighting is to win.
There is no possible victory in defense.
The sword is more important than the shield
and skill is more important than either.
The final weapon is the brain.
All else is supplemental."
-John Steinbeck

The biggest rush is yet to come; live fast, die young.
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Quiet Professional
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1st Gp

ODA-143, 84 and 85.
Mother Forker
Formerly of 1st, 5th and 12th Gps
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Mike Jones
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Former 1st Grouper

I served in Lop Buri, Thailand from April '73 til they were inactivated in March ''74. Initially on SFT 42 "Freedom Runner" and then on SFT 44 HALO Team teaching at the Thai Jump School at Erawan and Skydiving on weekends. That was a lifetime ago, but I treasure the memories of all the guys I served with.
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Quiet Professional
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Welcome, Mike... A20 Nam Pung Dam during that time frame...
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Quiet Professional
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Formerly 174/1314 - 2008-2014

Now over at B/2/1 SWTG
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Running Man 541
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94-97 ODA-124 and 113
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