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Overseas Contracting

Hello friends,

BLUF: I'd like any advice on getting into overseas contracting (security, PSD, etc.)

I have been in the ARNG for 6 years. 12Y Geospatial Engineer (TS/SCI) enlisted to E-5, then commissioning through OCS to 31A Military Police, and now having just been selected for flight school as an O-1(P). I don't have any direct combat arms experience and no deployments (though I have begged.) It seems I lack what most employers want which is either combat arms for combat roles or degrees/lots of experience in logistical/IT/other roles. I was wondering if anyone, since most of you are SF and highly sought after, knew of some ways plebs like me could get competitive? Are there civilian PSD courses to take or another good starting point?

P.S. My degree is in Criminal Justice because I was young and dumb so it's mostly useless for overseas contracting.

Any advice or networking suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time.
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That was going to be my question as well, especially considering you've just been selected for flight school.
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I am currently an OCONUS contractor working in the WPSII program. As with the above two gentlemen I don't know why you would give up flight school for contracting. once completed you would make as much or more as a commercial pilot than you would as a contractor.
That being said your biggest detractor against your is lack of OCONUS deployment, specifically to a combat environment. That in itself isn't a complete no go as I just went to the range a couple of months ago with a someone who had only ever been law enforcement in the States. He did have a sniper/SWAT background. From seeing some of the numbskulls on this program it basically boils down to how you can pad your resume and make it look like you did something (in my field psd) related to the job you are going after even if in reality you don't have a clue about the job.

I'd stick to flight school. That's an opportunity that most people don't get. Just my 2 cents.
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Thank you for your responses gentlemen.

To clarify I don't want to swap flight school for contracting; but get started on things to pad my resume for contracting in the future. Eventually, being NG, I'd like to see if I could set up a situation with my command where I either take IRR to go contract for a year or do 3 month rotations (meeting flight minimums on my months off.) The end goal would be either flying as a contractor or having enough experience at the end of my new contract to do other higher paying contracts like PSD or something.

I haven't known any personally but I have heard of many guardsmen (including officers) getting this setup to work so I'm not too worried about that. If all else fails I can always take IRR time to go contract.
I guess to boil it down I'd like to know some good things to do in order to make myself competitive in the next 2-3 years. Every job I see requires extensive experience in said field. While I'm not anyone off the street and have extensive military experience it's just not particularly what the employers are looking for it seems.

Thank you sfshooter I will try to learn the art of resumes lol. Flight school will definitely be my primary focus for FY22-23.
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Contracting has dried up. You’ve missed most of the “experience” needed for PSD, and intel jobs are staff positions. Stick to flight school and moonlight as a pilot near your home.
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Why not get your flight skills and apply to FBI aviation. it's pay starts at GS-13 and goes up. You already have a Degree and military background to get a foot in the door.
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That wouldn't be a bad plan either thank you sir.

7624U I think it may require an extensive amount of flight hours. Most flight jobs do from what I hear. Either way it is something I will definitely keep in mind for the future thank you.
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Overseas contracting is a great way to earn a living, if you are single and retired, otherwise not so much.

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Originally Posted by exsquid View Post
Overseas contracting is a great way to earn a living, if you are single and retired, otherwise not so much.

Having been stuck for the last 2 years OCONUS behind walls and wires, living a shawshank redemption existence (with much more privileges), I can attest to the veracity of this statement
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As my friends have said you missed the 'sweet spot' of contracting by a mile.
10-15 years ago you could really pick your own poison.
Today....not so much.
The money was great, you had some freedom of maneuver and away from the flagpole, numerous competing opportunities.

Not today....sorry.
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