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Beyond Standard First Aid Training

I have been rucking a lot lately and decided to put together a minimal foot blowout kit. I started reseaching about it on the Internet and somehow came to the conclusion that I need to put together an EDC kit for when I leave the house. It is funny how things change...

I currently have Standard First Aid, but after watching a number of online videos, I question whether I could stop any major bleeding - especially if an artery has been severed. I know about tourniquets, but have never been trained to use one. From my learning, this really puzzles me as they seem relatively easy to use.

So I have decided to seek out a more "advanced" first aid course that goes a bit beyond my current training. I am not interested in becoming an "amateur" medic, but would like to take my skills to the next level - in particular with bleeding out.

I found a company called "CTOMS" (https://ctoms.ca/pages/training) who offer several courses that I believe would suit my needs. The courses are all online and are resonably priced - they are a Canadian company so paying in Canadian dollars is a huge plus. My concern is, would this type of learning be adequate? From my first aid training, a lot of the course is always hands-on with an instructor to look over what I have done. With CTOMS, it looks to be a total watch the video type education.

Also, CTOMS really pushes the whole tactical medical training. I am in the CF Reserves and I think it would be great to know such information: however I know very little about this field and this company. I was wondering if anyone has heard of them and if not, what should I look for before registering?

Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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