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Question regarding group placement upon graduation

Good afternoon, gentlemen.

I have a question regarding the placement of SFQC graduates into Special Forces groups. I am aware that, at least for me, it is sort of a reach to ask this question considering that I have a plethora of milestones to reach and bridges to cross before I make it to this point, and if this is a question that cannot be answered for any reason, or if it has already been asked somewhere I haven't seen, then I will humbly withdraw and go do PT.

Do SFQC graduates get a preference as to which group they're placed into? If a graduate wished to operate in a certain area of responsibility, would they be able to make these wishes known and have them be considered?

Thank you.
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Bolt you have a very long way to go to even start worrying about that. However, you can request a unit, but there is no garentee that you will get a specific one. Besides with the way things are now it doesn’t matter as all are in the fight.

Get past basic, AIT, Airborne, then SFAS.

Relax and go for a run. Use the search tool as this is not the 1st time someone has asked this question and most (including me) won’t answer it with kid gloves.

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Commonly used in picking a Group for Students.

Military Occupational Specialty = MOS
Defense language aptitude battery = DLAB
Future needs of the Force = FNF
Wish List of the Soldier

Math works like this

DLAB+MOS+FNF+Wish = Wishful Thinking ~ Robin Sage + DLAB+MOS+FNF = Group Assignment. Yet ?
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As in everything that is not written in a contract....needs of the service.
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