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One day I was getting worked on by a Group PT (whose husband happened to be a medically retired 11B, so she had a pretty good idea what the physical costs of our lifestyle were). The patient next to me was a 24yo super fit (scoring 300 on male APFT standards, 8-10 dead hang pull-ups, etc.) "hot runner" intel female who was trying to decide between going to TFO selection or Green to Gold. The conversation between her and the PT went something like this.
"Well, what do you want to do? You already had reconstructive surgery on one ankle and you need it on the other one."
"If I get surgery than I won't be able to go to selection or do Green to Gold because I will be on a medical profile. Can I put it off?"
"Sure, but eventually you will end up half crippled. I told you, your best option is to medically separate, go to college, and live your life."
This was a conversation between a mature, very driven, very professional woman who knew what she was talking about and a very young, very inexperienced, and overly self-confident woman. Discretion is the greater part of valor and sometimes you got to ask, am I the right person for the job.

If not us, than who?
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