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NCAA Football-2023

I’ve been a lifetime fan of college football, and a long time Texas Longhorns fan. I must say that the results this year have really exposed how jacked up the playoff system is. They need to fix this badly. How does a committee of guys sitting in a conference room somewhere determine outcomes for athletes, who have competed so closely down, to the wire? SMH.
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I've noticed this syndrome in several sports and have concluded that it's a case of "All ad dollars, all the time." This is how teams with a .500 record are still considered for playoff berths late in the season. Hell, I'm surprised the World Series isn't strung out till Christmas the way things have gone.
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There was a time when it was an honor to play in a New Years Day Bowl. not any more. The Cotton Bowl will be held on the 29th and the Citrus Bowl on the 1st with 10-3 Iowa playing the 8-4 TN. Volunteers. Ohio State which is 11-1 will be playing 10-2 Missouri in the Cotton Bowl. For the most part the bowls are meaningless and the attendance at them reflects that.
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Originally Posted by cbtengr View Post
The Cotton Bowl will be held on the 29th and the Citrus Bowl on the 1st
with 10-3 Iowa playing the 8-4 TN. Volunteers.

Ohio State which is 11-1 will be playing 10-2 Missouri in the Cotton Bowl.
And FSU 13-0 gets nuttin. ACC sucks

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The CFP committee is a bad joke. Choosing Alabama over undefeated FSU is a travesty. Nick (asshole) Saban started campaigning for an SEC team to be included before the SEC championship.
Whenever I'm asked about who my favorite college football team is, I always say "whoever can beat Alabama."
Go Michigan, beat the Crimson Flow.

Hook 'em Horns! Gonna have to pull for the home state team.
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