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Originally Posted by Flagg View Post
One of my favourite threads here.

What does a successful C-UW campaign look like here?
Have them Fight each other because they love to break shit and posting it on social media.

"Anonymous Goverment Agent "

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Originally Posted by Penn View Post
Seven years down the road, everything discussed in this thread was employed to undermine the Trump Administration. The assault harnessed the entire structure of SM and its communal relationship to the entire world. In my mind, it's the greatest domestic UW campaign ever undertaken. Even to the point, that blatant voter fraud as an accepted outcome is nothing less than a stunning achievement to goal.

You are spot on that this was almost a blueprint of the “attempted” take-down of President Trump.

I remembered reading this information, but could not recollect the source.

Thanks for reviving this thread.

Lets Go Brandon

Our Republic is no longer a melting pot, but a trash can

“You get paid in direct proportion to the difficulty of problems you solve.” – Elon Musk
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tom kelly
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President Trump should have responded to the attacks on him & his presidency by DETAINING everyone associated with the ongoing coup attempt. Now he can declare martial law and take into protective custody EVERYONE who may be in danger from enemies foreign & domestic.
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Boycott Social and Corporate Media

The New York Post reported that Facebook hired 6 Chinese from the PRC to create
Censorship algorithms to use against Americans, the lies, propaganda, etc put out by
Social and Corporate media a couple of us decided Enough! The only way to get their attention is a Boycott. The only things that get their attention are money and power.
There are approximately fifty folks, who have joined in since Monday, business owners, etc. are reaching out to their friends to join them. A Grass Roots Boycott can
get their attention. If just half of Trump voters join the Boycott, that will create financial pain for the stockholders and stakeholders. Tough to censor financial failure.
A Grass Roots Boycott will get a bit of attention. While an election might cause fraud, failure, etc. loss of money equals loss of power and pain. Let's make them hurt like like our small businesses and restaurants are.
Thank you
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