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Team Sergeant
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islam continues to go full retard cracking down on "vulgar Western" dog owners

Poor dogs that have to live with such islamic scum..... but it could be worse, they could live in China......

Iran cracks down on 'vulgar Western' dog owners

By AFP Published: June 25, 2016

TEHRAN: Dog lovers in central Iran are in uproar after authorities began confiscating their pets in an apparent crackdown on the “vulgar Western culture” of canine ownership, Iranian media reported Saturday.

One unnamed dog owner in Shahin Shahr in Isfahan province told Iran’s Shahrvand newspaper that officials had shown up suddenly at his house last week.

“We were shown a piece of paper indicating they were from the municipal veterinary office. They came in and took away our dogs under the pretext of vaccination,” he said.

The owner was told he could recover the dog after its vaccination, but when he went to the vet’s office they had no record of his case.

Instead, the newspaper said the confiscations were the result of a crackdown launched by local prosecutor Mohsen Boosaidi.

"Keeping and caring for dogs is haram (forbidden) according to religious leaders,” Boosaidi told the Fars news agency on June 19.

“If we find out that anyone is keeping and caring for dogs and so is promoting vulgar Western culture, we will deal with them firmly.”

Dog confiscations in the town began three days later, Shahrvand reported. It did not give precise numbers, but said a number of families had lost their pets.

“Ever since our dog was taken away, you only hear the sound of crying and sobbing in our house,” the Shahin Shahr owner said.

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the nuclear deal didnt address dogs.....

oh well
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There is no doubt that there are some elements of Western culture that could be considered vulgar. However I do not believe that keeping and caring for dogs is one of them.
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Originally Posted by cbtengr View Post
There is no doubt that there are some elements of Western culture that could be considered vulgar. However I do not believe that keeping and caring for dogs is one of them.
I guess dogs don't make the best intimate partners well not like camels and goats that is, and that is of course highly offensive to Ahmed.
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Originally Posted by Brush Okie View Post
we need to parachute some pigs with nuclear suicide vesrs into that place.
Ahhhh, the good old "Brown Light" teams....
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