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A Play Ground Lesson on Life (and an early lesson of leadership)

Wet Dog,

This is in order of how I looked at it not in the order of the story.

First an Officer (or any Special Forces Soldier) must be able to think outside the box. There are always more than two options, you must be able to think abstractly to see the "third option" at times. With this comes flexibility. An Officer must not be static and must be able to more with the flow an adapt as the situation calls for it.

Just because a soldier is the strongest or biggest does not mean they are the best at the particular task at hand. A soldier must be well rounded. In a sense they must be a "jack of all trades" or the "complete package" in all areas while still maintaining excellence in their primary trade.

An Officer (Peter in this case) must place the team before themselves. In this case Peter put the team together to take on other schools, he did not create the team for his own personal gain. Once the team was created he not place himself on the roster.

With the last paragraph, the Officer must place himself in a position to take care of the needs of the team, supervising to make sure the team is on track, but making sure the needs are provided for. Peter in this case made sure the team had the best of everything, such as lunches.

Reward the team for their hardwork. Making sure the team gets the credit THEY are due not taking the credit for yourself. If there is negative credit, you as the leader take blame for the short coming and drive on, you protect the team at all costs.

Make sure the team sergeant and team is set up for success. In this story Peter chose Scott to be the team leader and set the standard and example for all others. As a good leader you must make sure the team sergeant is upholding and enforcing the standards of the team. After reading through all the treads I am sure this is not an issue.....

Ultimately the most important is being a team player. Everything that Peter (or an Officer) does is for the benefit of the team. Knowing that the team drives success means making sure everything is done to make the team the best trained, equiped and proficient as possible, with all/any resources if possible.

This is what I got out of this.

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