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Wim Hof

I had heard about Wim Hof and seen a few videos on his cold water endurance and assumed he was a stunt man. Recently I came across more information about him and his work and must admit it’s covering some amazing ground.

I’m certainly not an expert on physiology however I do know something of plants. One of the more critical aspects about growing plants successfully is Soil PH And I’ve long been curious why PH isn’t more of a concern with our health?

Wim is the first person I’ve heard not only cover that he’s demonstrating the power of changing an acidic condition within the body to alkaline and doing it through breathing. The potential is demonstrated in performance and health going beyond what science had understood the body to be capable of.

Lewis Howes POD Casts are one way to access Wim’s background and the results of what he’s been able to achieve.

Here are a couple of links and Wim also has some aps available.
The first video gives some background the second has Breathing.


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