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18X and Family

Seeking advice on the pros and cons of an 18X/Rep 63 contract, specifically with regard to NG candidates.

Background: I am scheduled to ship to PSBCT in about 3 weeks (SF support MOS, with the goal of attending SFAS as soon as possible). 19th SFG was not offering 18X contracts to prior service individuals when I enlisted, but apparently someone has recently "found a way." This morning, my recruiter notified me of some scheduling issues that may allow me to renegotiate my contract for 18X.

I'm inclined to NOT take the offer. But with limited time to make a decision, I'm reaching out to the BTDTs on this forum for advice.

I have been preparing my family and my employer to expect a series of 1-2 month trainings throughout the year (BCT, MOS, BAC), followed hopefully by selection at SFAS and a 2+ year PCS to Ft. Bragg. Translation: a more gradual acclimation into the Army/SF, with time in between trainings to communicate and prepare everyone for the next step...especially the PCS. The down side to this route is that I do not have a guaranteed shot at SFAS, though I'm led to believe that the 19th makes it pretty easy for support folks to try out (hopefully sooner rather than later).

18X would change all of that, and on fairly short notice. I would leave very soon for 6-8 months of training with limited contact home. Best case scenario, I am selected at SFAS and leave my wife (+3 young children) to sell a house and coordinate a PCS on her own while I'm in training on the other side of the country.

While I recognize that the SF life is generally not family-friendly, this certainly seems like adding undue stress to the situation without adding much benefit.

All that said, is my breakdown of the situation accurate, or are there additional factors I should consider? For those who have BTDT, how well did your family handle things? Thanks in advance for any thoughts or comments that you're willing to share.

(Note: I posted in the "SF Questions" forum. If you are a non-QP but have relevant experience, please feel free to PM me.)
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