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This is why you fight back!

If the RAF airman had not fought for his life we would probably be watching his beheading video. When you're in the shit, go on the offensive.


Serviceman Attacked: Was It Terror Plot?
If it does turn out to be terror-related, the attack will be the latest in a series targeting military personnel in the UK.
23:12, UK,
Thursday 21 July 2016

By Mark White, Home Affairs Correspondent

Police investigating an attack on a serviceman near RAF Marham in Norfolk have said they are "currently unable to discount terrorism" as the motive.

The victim, who was out jogging at the time, was approached by two men of Middle Eastern appearance who tried to bundle him into their car.

He fought them off and returned to the base, the home of Britain's Tornado GR4 Force which is involved in operations in the Middle East.

Detective Superintendent Paul Durham of Norfolk Police said there were a number of possible reasons for the attack.

He told reporters: "Whilst we are currently unable to discount terrorism, there are a number of other possible hypotheses, including abduction unrelated to terrorism, or robbery."

If it does turn out to be a terrorist plot, it will be the latest in a series in the UK targeting military personnel which have led to heightened security.

The most infamous and tragic example happened on the 22 May 2013 when fusilier Lee Rigby was knocked down and then stabbed to death as he walked outside Woolwich barracks in south east London.

His killers Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were jailed for life for his murder.

In 2007, six years before Lee Rigby's murder, the threat to UK military personnel from terrorists became apparent when a group of Birmingham men were arrested for a plot to kidnap and behead a British Muslim soldier.

The plot's ringleader, Parviz Khan, was sentenced to life imprisonment.

In March this year, two men were jailed for life for plotting to shoot dead soldiers and police in west London.

Tarik Hassane and Suhaib Majeed had planned to target military personnel in a drive-by shooting at the Parachute Regiment's Reserve barracks in White City.

They also planned to shoot police outside the nearby Shepherds Bush police station.

Two months later, in May this year, 25-year-old Junead Khan was jailed for life for a plot to kill US personnel at a military base in Suffolk.

Khan had planned to stage a road crash outside RAF Lakenheath and then attack and stab those who came to help.
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The more I read on this topic, the more I'm convinced I placed it in the right section. It is very likely this is not the last attempt to kidnap a service member in the UK.


Marham Kidnap Suspects 'Part Of Larger Team'
Investigators say given the nature of the attack the pair being sought are likely to have had accomplices.
15:26, UK,
Saturday 23 July 2016

Two men being hunted over a bid to kidnap a serviceman at RAF Marham are likely to have been part of a larger team, say police.

The development came as investigators appealed for motorists with dash-cams who regularly travel in the area or local homeowners with CCTV to come forward.

Detectives have continued to carry out inquiries in the area, while officers carried out reassurance patrols over the weekend.

Senior investigating officer Detective Superintendent Paul Durham revealed there could have been more people in the dark-coloured people carrier, used by the two suspects.

He said: "While the victim only witnessed two attackers, there may have been more than two people in the vehicle and given the nature of the attack, it is likely they were part of a larger team.

"This is important because I do not want to deter any potential witnesses from coming forward - it is the vehicle we are interested in, regardless of the number of people seen inside."

The serviceman is understood to have been approached by two men with a knife at RAF Marham, near King's Lynn in Norfolk, at about 3pm on Wednesday.

The men then escaped in a dark-coloured Ford Galaxy.

The serviceman, who was not in uniform, was not injured.

Marham is home to four squadrons of Tornado bombers which have been flying raids against Islamic State in Syria from Cyprus.

The suspects have been described as aged between 20 and 30 years old and of Middle Eastern appearance.

One had a well-groomed beard and was of stocky build, while the other was clean shaven and slimmer.

:: Anyone with information is asked to call the dedicated hotlines on either 0800 056 0154 or 0207 158 0011 or dial 101.
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My kids live in the UK, so I regularly read BBC, Sky, & Daily Mall.. All of which are very good at towing the left's inclusive love of muzzies and the Crown's PC banner.

I would suggest that this was real and they are hiding the facts to fit the agenda.
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