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Hello everyone,
So I have a similar question, I'm perusing a bit of a different career path, I'm a young EOD tech and when my reenlistment window opens, I'm hoping to go to SFAS. Like I said in my intro I have some very big aspirations, I understand nothing is guaranteed, but to make it happen I need to start now. I want to go 18C I think that's where my background would be most applicable and allow me to be a better asset to my team. That's my 1000 meter goal, my 2000 meter goal is 180A. I'm looking for advise/ opinions and if there are any 180A what degree did you have? I understand that any major can be applicable, I'm just not sure where to start. I have a decent amount of my gen eds done and want to minor in a language, I was thinking Spanish. Again, any opinions/ guidance would be greatly appreciated. I understand that these are big goals, but they will stay goals unless I break them down into short term acheivable goals and start making headway. Thank you.

The title was suppose to say advice not advise, advise sounds demanding for that I apologize. I tried to edit it.
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I wonder if OP ever dropped his SF packet? He probably hit Cpt around 2011 /12.

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The only input you will have on your MOS is a small paragraph of your past experience and how it attributes to one of the MOS'. They may look at your previous MOS and slot you as an 18C, but I have also seen guys with experience put in another direction like RTO's getting 18D seemingly based on their GT score (120+ seem to get 18D). It is always good to have a guy who can do multiple jobs.

You will see that with language as well sometimes, if a guy has a 2/2 coming into the course they may send him to get an additional language. I would minor in the language you expect to take in the Q. I would also make the choice if you are going to do the DLPT (Listening,Reading) or OPI (Oral) test, because the way and what you study and approach the language is completely different. If you can come to the Q with a 1/1 you can likely be tested out, or at least get that language as a lock.

I believe currently 180A's only require an Associates before they graduate the course.

Based on their skillsets of planning as well as a focus on geopolitics and intelligence, I would suggest the following for a potential 180A:

International Relations
Homeland Security with focus on counter terrorism
Anthropology (Social Engineering)
Region specific History

Whatever you do, have a good grasp of how to put out a good paper. They rely on their writing skills daily.
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