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Gentlemen after searching, I've found that the most recent answer to my question I was able to find was in 2009, with the others being 2006.

My question is this; I've been working as a Critical Care Paramedic but let me NREMT-P expire. I've been renewing my state license as needed. I recently left my job and am set to leave for my 18x contract within the next two months. Is it worth while to renew my NREMT-P before I leave? I've seen in my search that a lot of discussion has been back and forth about if in the 18D course they are graduating guys with their National Registry. I'm not looking for a short cut. I had an opportunity a few years ago to sit down and talk to a 18D graduate about the same time I graduated Paramedic School. I remember having a healthy respect for how intense the coarse sounded. Having also heard that the Q coarse loses a lot of guys in the 18D part, I don't want that to be my story. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.
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Renewing your cert and the 18D program are independent decisions...
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You will be eligible to revert your NREMTP at the completion of SOCM. You will be required to take both practical skills eval and written IOT be receetified.
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According to the 2013 USAJFKSWCS Academic Handbook, the SOCM skills sustainment course "exceeds the National Registry EMT re-registration requirements for NREMT-paramedic"

You initially graduate as an NREMT-basic.

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there are a few ways to get the your NREMT-P post SOCM. GA give state license to ATP card holders then you can take the NREMT exam. Or you can take a NREMT-P Refresher and take the test directly from NREMT. There are several good sites and sources for prep on line.
distancecme.com, NREMT.org, emtprep.com are all good sites and sources.
just know that the tests and prep courses are a bit pricey
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