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Thanks guys!

Canopy, thanks for the heads up on PT standards being of serious importance upon reaching the Q. I have been preparing and will never stop preparing. Also, thanks for the advice concerning SOCM. I have no intention of being Mr. Fun while at Fort Bragg. I am encouraging my wife to go on her own adventures to California, Taiwan, or wherever else... I can love her later in life. While at Fort Bragg, it's business.

Runner, PM sent.
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Glad you realigned your demeanor. Wouldn't want a guy coming from Riley to make the rest of us who came from there look bad.

I'm currently in SOCM, and as long as you put in the time to study then you should get the results you want. AT THE LEAST, study 2 - 3 hours a night, and just find the formula that works best for you to retain the information.

Preread the chapters, make flash cards, and find study guides using the accompanying websites from the books or Quizlet. If you use Quizlet, make sure the information is vetted, and accurate.

Other than that, there really isn't any information to be had. Work / study hard, respect the instructors, and stay in shape.
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Scam...I definitely didn't mean to misrepresent Fort Riley!!

Thanks for the assistance and the guidance. I am focusing on setting myself up for a very studious lifestyle, with ample time allowed for physical fitness.

Also... an apology to anyone in the community that I disrespected. I am only looking for the chance to earn your respect. I welcome any guidance, including "candid" advice. Thank you.
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Originally Posted by Sonofagunny View Post

I am not looking for a cheat to help me pass. I want to be the Valedic-fucking-torian!! I am not the guy who wants to just-get-by. I truly aspire to absorb all the information that I can and present myself to a Team as the best Special Forces medic that I could possibly be.
Put the shovel down Francis, stop posting, and go PT. You've been given advice that you will either follow or not. Some of that advice from an Officer who you very likely could meet soon and yet you still persist. Is it success you want or the last word? The only disadvantage you are at right now is via the reputation you are forming here.

If you want to graduate you will. You'll find a way to make it happen or you will quit. Talking shit on this forum means absolutely nothing. Well, it is slightly entertaining, but Francis, we're not laughing with ya, we're laughing at ya.
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Again, let me reiterate my apology. I did not intend to insult anybody's intelligence or professionalism, but can see how I did. I hope my errors will not be held against me.

As well, thank you very much for the help. Before posting, I had looming questions about the most basic aspects of what I'm preparing myself for. Many of you have helped, and this is appreciated.
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As for you other "helpful" Q-Course studs offering up advice about a portion of the pipeline on an open forum....STFU!!! If you want to talk about in person PM me and I will come discuss the problems I have with you providing your 2 cents. I'm real close by now since I'm SWCS instructor and several of my friends are instructors at the JSOMTC. So again STFU!
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I have always found it best to go into any course blind and with an open mind. You will do better work if you don't have "limits".

Trust in your training up to this point. Trust your instructors, no one is out to be a badge protector. You either pass or fail on your merits and your merits alone.

Most importantly, trust yourself. The only job you should be ashamed of, is one not done properly.

Please be cautious with your posts, this is a very small community.
Just my $0.02.
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Again, sincere apologies to anyone offended.

Additionally, a big thank you to everyone who offered guidance. Nobody G2ed the course for me, but I have received thoughtful advice from men that I hold as role models of success. I am proud to learn from such intelligent and considerate leadership.

All advice has been heeded and will be put to good use.
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What questions do you still have about the delta course? When i went through the q course i had several friends in various phases and several other who were cadre. I had quite a bit of a "heads up" and you know what good it did me.....none. I still had to pass based on my own merits. I'll give you all the info i remember about the course that I'm allowed to talk about without violating OPSEC that you want to know. Other than setting aside scheduling concerns it'll do you no good. Hell when i come back for SOCMSSC in a few months ill even sit down at hooters and have a few beers with you and we can discuss it in person, you're buying though. The moral of what I'm telling you is simply this: take each day as it comes, do your best, be thankful you passed when your buddy failed and never quit. I could sit down and teach you everything you need to know to pass the delta course but guess what, it'll take at least a year and considering one day you may be using what you learn on me, one of my buddies, your buddies or god forbid, yourself, I'm still gonna hold you to the same standard. So if your only question is "whats changed with SOCM?" Its simple: they put the med blocks section of SFMS in SOCM making it two months longer and providing all SOF medics the same skill set with which to conduct sick call. SOCM is front loaded so that when you're done you do the rest of the course with the same IODA. SFMS is now the same length as the other MOS's. The hope is to eliminate the "unfriendliness" many medics encountered going into Sage.
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Recently completed SOCM (the new preloaded version)- so here's my bit:

I read all the literature and advice could get my hands on prior to starting, and it helped having friends ahead of me in the course, but honestly in the end it didn't help much at all. What matters is how willing you are to put time and effort into your studies. The class structure changed twice just in the 10 months I spent there, so usually any intel ended up hurting more than helping. The truth is you need to crack down and develop good study habits, especially during the first few months of classroom work, and be able to maintain a good PT schedule. While you do quite a bit of good organized PT, there is plenty of time to smoke yourself on your own time, and you need to if you wanna be in the right shape when you head back to finish the rest of the course.
Also don't expect an easier time just because it's a heavy classroom environment, the standards are stricter than they used to be, and they won't tolerate long hair ('SOCM haircuts'), lax physical training, etc.
In short- get your mind ready by minimizing distraction and developing good study habits, and don't let your PT suffer, in fact- amp it up.
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