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My name is Nathan. I am currently 16 years old and I am now in the eleventh grade. I plan on attending a college and earning a Bachelor`s degree. I am a Boy Scout (working towards Eagle Scout), and within my troop I have been senior patrol leader twice, quartermaster once, and have attended Philmont and Northern Tier (Charles L Sommers) . I am currently a LET 3 in AJROTC; I participate in the Raider Team and Color Guard, and I am now cadet S-1.

I have had several relatives who were in the US military (various branches) as well as relatives who were in the British military.

I first noticed this website when I was reading "Get Selected for Special Forces" by Dodson and Martin (page J-4). I am very interested in the military and I plan on having career in the military.


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Hello all,

31 y/o Firemedic from Florida. I'm joining the Guard next week, eventual goal is SF, focused on 25m targets first. I've been reading the forums for more than a year, finally needed the search button.

Thank you all for picking up the sword, putting this together, and sharing your knowledge.
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I am an 18X-Ray contract in the DEP until my ship out date 7/21/15.

I always wanted to work with highly motivated and driven soldiers and dreamed as a youngster of being a Ranger until I read "Chosen Soldier" by Dick Couch. The specific use of SF groups in theater and the unique training that required more brains than just bronze really struck me. I finished college recently (took me a while as I never could settle on a major and worked FT) so now I am 26 and ready to pursue my dream.

SF stands out to me from other specialty units because of their unique mission involving training other nations and their need to be intelligent and possess interpersonal skills to get the job done.

For preparation I am reading "Get Selected" and following the workout, reading Chosen Soldier again, and this forum.
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Howdy! My name is Mikal. I am a Captain with the Amarillo Fire Department, a husband of over 16 years and a father of an 8 year-old daughter. I have been a fireman for a little over 13 years. I have been a member of this forum for about 4 years and I am extremely appreciative for the opportunity to read the varied and valued perspectives of the Quiet Professionals. In all honesty, I have never intended to post on here, but I need to add a post, so here is my intro. Thank you, again, for allowing me the privilege of participating in this awesome forum.

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Hello all,

My name is David and I'm currently AD Army. I'm a 35F (Intel Analyst) and just a little disenchanted with the conventional Army. I'll soon be getting out and looking to reclass into either 35L or 38B with the TXARNG. Just looking for something more! I look forward to being in contact with you all.

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Originally Posted by BananaBag View Post
Hello all,

Thank you all for picking up the sword, putting this together, and sharing your knowledge.

(Only Richard still uses a sword, the rest of us have all taken up guns, FYI)

Welcome aboard Gents!
"The Spartans do not ask how many are the enemy, but where they are."
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My name is Kyle Darnell and I am a Narcotics Investigator in Clarksville TN.
I recovered a Yarborough Knife in a meth lab. The serial number has been obliterated and I have come here looking for some help in finding the owner of this Knife.
I will be posting in the Edged Weapons forum with more details.
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Hello i'm posting my first post here in the introductions V thread to say hello and introduce myself. I'm 33 and signed a REP 63 contract with the National Guard;I ship on November 2 so i'm trying to get better each day between now and then. My interests are history, fitness, camping and fishing. I spent several years teaching people with special needs in the public school system and still do but now in the private sector.
This site seems invaluable in regards to the information that is posted here, i'd like to thank the staff for all the work you do and all the great information. I'll try not to ask things that have been asked a hundred times before. To train for the SF pipeline i'm currently in week 4 of stew smiths ranger/special forces training ebook and it's really helped my running and rucking, if anyone has any tips that may be a more optimal training program i'm also open to hear new ideas.

Nice to meet you all.
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Lightbulb Introduction

Thank you to all the Quiet Professionals that have made their home open for the opportunity to sit in and read all these amazing posts, and large libraries of information on SF life, and very helpful information. Thank you for making your home open to us, it is a great honor. Thank you to all those who have served.
I am a 25 year old Angeleno that has recently moved out to Eugene, and am currently working as a caregiver/Medications aide enlisting as 68W, as soon as i pay off some traffic tickets. I am doing as much research as i can about the 18x contract, and SF life. Perhaps i may pursue that first, although as for now my main OBJ is to pay off any fines and keep my nose clean as to enlist and serve my country as best I can. I look forward to my future in the ARMY, and hopefully as an 18 series member. I will be reading more and posting much less.
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Hello all and thank you for the wealth of knowledge here. I have been lurking and learning a lot the past month. I decided to register to continue learning and using the search function.

I am 21 years old and hoping to sign an 18x contract this fall. I found the Get Selected book from here and have read it as well as doing some Stew Smith seal grinder pt. I also work full time as a systems analyst as well.

again, thanks to all of you for the information readily available.
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I am a 49 year old male who regrettably has never served in the military. My dad fought in Korea. I run a handful of niche websites that caters to providing gear to serviceman and aficionados.
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Gird up your loins, my son - seek truth, and endure!


Get runnin'!

Thanks for the opportunity to be here.

Andrew Mitchell Kornrumpf
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My name is Ben, I'm 21 years old and from Texas. I'm looking int enlisting with and 18X contract. I'm working a lot on my fitness and looking to learn land nav. I don't really plan on posting much, I will just read and learn for now. Thank you in advance for the help.
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Greetings all. I am a former 1st Group 18C that followed a link here last year. I am finally getting around to posting an intro and checking out the forum.
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Hey all, I'm 26 prior service currently working in sales and looking to enlist again. Just wanted to say thanks to those responsible for this site. It's very well done with what seems to be a lot of useful information.
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