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Heritage Foundation Panel on Combating Wokeness in the Military

Rep. Mike Waltz (SF Officer and NG Colonel) is apparently leading a multi-discipline panel at Heritage Foundation to explore & eradicate wokeness in the military.
Here's the article.

Seems like a good fit for him and certainly a worthwhile premise. Extract:
Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL), an Army Green Beret, is chairing a think-tank panel that will combat wokeness in the military and look at how to turn around its recruiting crisis, he said in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News on Thursday.

The panel, hosted by the Heritage Foundation, will take a deep look at how to refocus the military on winning wars versus initiatives aimed at diversity, equity, and inclusion — many of which were begun under the Obama administration and have been redoubled under the Biden administration.

Waltz, an Army National Guard colonel slated to become the chairman of the House Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee, spoke to Breitbart News. “This is about a warrior culture that we need to maintain — one that is focused on winning our nation’s wars. And I think the big theme that you’ll hear from me and from this panel is it’s about standards — not gender or race, or socioeconomic background,” he said.

“It’s about what the nation needs to fight and win our wars and to deter our adversaries from even entering any type of conflict in the first place, and from military academies to basic training, to all the way through the military culture. That’s what we need to get back to, and what we need to be focused on.”
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Want to get rid of “wokeness” in the Army? Easiest answer is to disband the active army. Yes, get rid of it entirely.

Amend the USC to require the Air Force, move the 18th Airborne Corps into the Air Force (think the “Marine” Corps but for the “Air” force), and move the entire US SOCOM under a civilian agency (where they belong).

Then, DRAFT EVERY Able-bodied MAN AND WOMAN into the National Guard. See how long that shit lasts when Sally is an Infantry-MAN. When it’s not “cool” to do but “required”, the opinion polls will likely shift. Just a guess.

But for the Active Forces, get small.

Really small.

Then, roll up the red-carpet that the rest of the world has been dancing on for the last 75ish years, and watch the world burn on pay-per-view while eating popcorn.

And oh yeah, they’re called “infantry MEN” for a reason…..

The ONLY purpose of ANY military formation is to EXPORT VIOLENCE. We don’t even let girls play on NFL teams, why the hell are they in direct combat rolls? The answer I’ve been given from the bosses is “we don’t have enough men to fill the force” or some bull shit like that.


Or… plan on loosing the next time around…..
“Use teamwork and control. A squad without teamwork and control is nothing more than a small mob with weapons. Success depends on a high level of teamwork and control within the squad.” — pg. 3-596 STP 7-11BCHM-SM-TG

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When the Revolution goes “live”, the People I’m worried about, are NOT the People I worry about. — Me

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