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Looking in the mirror

Though this tale is presented in the comedy section, this is a no bullshit true story about obsession and knowing one’s limits. My thinking is this started years ago, when as a daily award after service each night, I would open a bottle of Cuvee William Deutz Blanc de Blanc, Champagne. This Cuvee is particularly delicious and at times rare to find, at least then, back in the late ’70. I developed a deep appreciation and became accustomed to those tiny bubbles over the past few decades, but then like most things in life, I needed a change. So, I switch out the Cuvee, suffering the difficult and hard transition through the prime years of Burgundy and Bordeaux, only to be side swiped, by the Wilmette Valley Pinto Noir’s.

The changed rocked my world! I fell in love with those beautiful femme wines, soft and lush, loaded with bright red fruit. Some of the wines reminded me of those from the cote d’ or and the Cote de Nuite, especially those Mercury’s and Chamberlin’s, they screamed: strawberries, raspberry, chocolate, earth!! I was hook, line and sinker in the deep end.

As much as I wanted to restrain from my obsession over these long years, with what is arguably more about my palate and deep need for sublime craftmanship, then a distill % rate. That said, I invariably choose the long way home to pass that small stellar wine shop, whose proprietor harbored a likewise obsession.

The confrontation happened in a cascade of colliding emotions. Three months prior, my wife best friend moved in with us, she decided that her marriage was over and knocked on the door. Mi casa Su Casa, no questions, relax, all’s good here. She is occupying the whole 3rd floor, which was our painting studio.

As we transitioned through the living arrangements, small things started to become questions. For example, the bookshelves that held my collection of reading material and showcased artifact’s that were earned, gifted, or given as a thank you/memento for showing up, were removed and place in the home office filing cabinet.

Who did this I ask in a controlled and clear manner, knowing the challenges of living with one Latina and how volatile a simple question can ignite emotion, I demurred the situation, but the realization was shocking, I was living with two, not one, but two identical socio-domestic OCD clean freaks. The years I spent, taming that need, went out the window day one, I just wasn’t paying attention.

Over the past weeks, leading up to this holiday, it was last Sunday the 18th?, I think, the three of us had finished dinner, I was sampling another nice Pinot and it hit me. Man, you are totally fucked up!! Not wanting to confront myself, I rewound the show I was watching, I was thinking, to justify that decision, that I needed to see the shows beginning, for a seamless transition.

Then it got really bad, I realized how fucked up I was and am, in desperation, I stumbled to the kitchen, to where they were talking over a cup of coffee. I did not consider their privacy or need for anything, I just blurted out, I need to say something…a few times before they noticed. They were like ok, what is it?
I replied Thai I had a confession to make. In union they replied, cautiously, “what is it”

I told them, I was in the other room, and was sampling another nice Pinot and it hit me. Man, you are totally fucked up!! And about me not wanting to confront myself, that I rewound the show I was watching, that I was thinking, to justify that decision, I need to see the shows beginning, for a seamless transition. And that’s when I realized that I needed an intervention, I was fucking addicted.

That I was addicted
to Yellowstone.
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Dude, you need to drop the Pinto Noir and transition to some MD20-20 ASAP!
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A very fresh angle on the old "shaggy dog" story. Nicely done; two thumbs up !!
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