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Bill Harsey
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Originally Posted by NOQUIT View Post
Thank you for this thread Mr. Harsey, it's a great read. Being a knife lover the chemical make up of blade steel has fascinated me. GO CPM S30 V! I especially like your explanations on what goes on at the molecular level during the heating and cooling processes with respects to freezing it in the ideal configuration. I hope this is even relevant but it made me think of a time I was fortunate enough to have a plane ride next to a guy that worked with NASA in the carbon fiber area and he was explaining to me (among other fascinating things) the differences in the molecular structure of a diamond carbon molecule as opposed to the I guess you could say "spun fiber" carbon molecule (carbon fiber) they use (not your average carbon fiber) as well as the individual strengths. What are your thoughts on or what have you heard/read about the possible applications of such molecular manipulation of carbon molecules for the making of blades? Not sure if I'm out in left field with this... I was also wondering if you have any knowledge of the OU-31 steel that Kikuo Matsuda employs and what your take is? I love the look of his work but haven't foot the bill for one yet. Thanks again for the great thread.
Wow, good plane ride!
My only experience with carbon fiber is to cut, drill and grind then complain when some chunk of it came from aerospace because it is much tougher to cut, drill and grind.
I have no knowledge of the OU-31 steel and this does not mean it isn't good steel.
As Oditker points out, there are many manufacturers of tool and bearing quality steels and each make many alloys.
We have to find ways to shorten up the list we draw from but it doesn't mean we aren't paying attention.
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