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Running shoes for SFAA : Road Shoes or Trail Shoes

I was wondering if I should take road running shoes or trail running shoes to selection.. im trying to get every inch I can on preparation.. if so any you recommend.. as of now I got some Nike Running shoes.. But looking for any suggestions, tips, and knowledge you guys might have..I've heard the runs are on gravel or some kind of pact sand.. wondering what you would wear for that kind of run. Thanks again for your time
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I couldn’t tell you what type of running shoes I wore because I don’t remember. Wear whatever you wore during your train up, that’s what I did. I promise you, your running shoes will not be remotely close to the deciding factor on finishing selection or getting selected.
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Follow the packing list you will be provided.

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So when did they switch from boots to battle tested mamby pamby tennis shoes?
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Originally Posted by Chucko View Post
So when did they switch from boots to battle tested mamby pamby tennis shoes?
The mamby pamby changes are occurring all the time ...Just Look at the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs....He is WOKE now.... The POTUS is ....well you see him in the news clips, "whispering Joe" and the O group of "leaders".... are falling into line behind the 5 sided puzzle palace... WTF....
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I know Camp Mackall area has a lot more paved surface these days, but Ft Bragg's basic Piedmont topography/geology hasn't changed in millennia. Miles of sandy, muddy, or hard packed clay tank trails, range roads, etc. Plus asphalt.

Find a comfortable/durable set of running footwear with a sole that offers a bit of traction... as opposed to slick bottomed runners optimized for only pavement. If they're too slick-bottomed to zig & zag safely on a wet grass sports field, they don't have enough traction.

They can be trail runners or road shoes, but they need to have some aggressive tread pattern for traction. Plus good cushioning/support. Shoes that can transition from dry sand to hard pavement to wet mud to pine needle coated forest floor to hard packed gravel. From flat roads & trails to rolling terrain. In summer heat, winter snow, or drenching icy rain.

Not a time to experiment with ultra-light footwear, foot gloves, minimalist racing shoes, etc. Standard civilian style NIKE runners (or other brands) will work fine.

If you have wide feet or pronate a lot, look at NEW BALANCE. If you really like your current shoes, buy another pair; put away for Camp Mackall. Break 'em in just a few weeks before you go. Leave the old set behind (or bring along as spares if packing list allows). I would expect a brief shoe description to be included in the mandatory packing list you receive before attendance.

RedHawk12: I promise you, your running shoes will not be remotely close to the deciding factor on finishing selection or getting selected.

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