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Originally Posted by GIANITUS View Post
FISH!!! That terp helped us relocate our AOB like no one's business! Really good dude.

Really great to hear that he's on his way.
If you should send some items over to him let me know. I'd be easier for me to send it to Patch or Panzer and you could forward it through the APO to CS. I have like spare winter jackets, a few toys and such.
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I am happy to share with you all that Fardin is doing quite well and is living the American dream. He has his drivers license, social security card, and even has a car! He is now working 32 hours a week at 9 an hour here in the Springs. His family is receiving food stamps and has all their basis covered. His son just got 5 cavities filled as he was crying himself to sleep at night because of the pain. Both his son and daughter have a closet full of clothes and toys. Fardin is on his way and our support has undoubtedly made the process easier if not possible at all. Thank you for all you have done!

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This thread was a real bright spot in my day. Sorry I didn't see it sooner.
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Thank you for the update, it is good to hear Fardin and his family are doing so well!
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