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Colombians narrowly reject peace deal with the FARC

Colombians narrowly reject peace deal with the FARC

"(CNN)Colombians narrowly rejected a referendum on Sunday on a peace deal that took over four years to negotiate and would have ended five decades of war.
In a final result few were anticipating, 50.22% of voters voted "no" on the single-issue ballot, a blow to President Juan Manuel Santos, whose popularity has suffered in his support of the deal..."
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Hmmm- I guess a coindinista in the US Army would say they didn't focus on the "will of the people"... which in this case supports crushing the insurgents!
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Los gente, want peace, but they also want justice. Frankly, the deal Santos made was the literal get-out-of-jail-free card for FARC. Thus los gente sent a message, get it right, meaning a pound of flesh, or it will not pass. Say what you will about Santos, but, he now appears to recognize that if he wants this deal done, he's going to have to deal with Uribe and those who want FARC held accountable, at least at the senior level. Ultimately, I'm a skeptic, and unfortunately, I don't see any deal, regardless of it's language and whether it gets ratified, making a significant difference in the long run. For example, the AUC, was "disbanded" a decade ago, yet groups associated with them still exist and continue in their activities, just now directed more towards narcotics, extortion, and other money-generating activities. Sure FARC as a single large organization may cease as a military organization, but, elements of FARC will continue operations under another name. This isn't some theory, as on the day of the plebiscite, FARC's 1st Front, a non-participant in these negotiations, hit a polling station. This will continue. Plus the COLGOV still has to deal with ELN. It goes on-and-on........
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