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I actually worked in an animal feed plant for awhile. If you ever saw what dog food was made from and how it is made you might think about feeding other things to your pet. And to think that some poor people actually eat it. Eeeyuuu.
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Adam, thanks for the link.
" Being a sheepdog has never been about getting better bones."
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Originally Posted by RCummings View Post
Adal, thank you for the site, we will be using it. Our cattle dog worked for 17 years, amazing dog. Our current dog is a McNab Border Collie, hard working, runs like the wind all day and eats a selection of meats and bone broth with her dry food for her meals. The meals are augmented with dry food so this site will be a great resource.


We also have one of the McNab breed and they're amazing. The wife named him Max, which I consider to be shorthand for 'MAXimum amount of dog allowed by law". I figure in a few years he'll be smart enough to do my taxes. Runs like the wind all day long is NOT an exaggeration! When I first saw him I thought "How novel!, a cattle dog with a lift kit!".
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Originally Posted by adal View Post

My wife is a president of Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue. She has researched the heck out of good dog foods. We stopped using Blue buffalo a few years ago when they started showing a pattern of recalls.

This web site helps her keep our dogs and our foster dogs healthy.
So, just after I praise Evo, the Mars candy company buys the parent company and discontinued the brand. They sell Pedigree and own Banfield Pet Hospitals and BluePearl emergency pet hospitals. Hmmm.

Anyway, used the site that you posted and we are trying the Castor and Pollux chicken and sweet potato with raw bites. So far, so good, but he and the last dog were on Evo their whole lives and were the healthiest dogs I've ever owned.
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Beware of Purina's Beneful

Consumers continue to report sick dogs. That trustworthy site, Snopes, will tell you differently.

Friends of ours recently lost a dog that was fed Beneful. Jack was a healthy young dog before he began eating it. They have 4 other dogs, and none of the others were fed Beneful. (Due to dietary reasons they had their own brands.) Jack developed symptoms of poisoning, liver failure, and so on. Vet suspects the food was the culprit.

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