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180A Assistant Detachment Commander

Couldn't help but notice this was missing, can I get a Sticky?
The assistant detachment commander (MOS 180A) is the second-in- command and assumes command in the absence of the detachment commander. While always prepared to assume this leadership role, the assistant detachment commander also performs specific duties and functions in an advisory role. The assistant detachment commander is a position unique to SF, and it is unlike any other position within the Army. The assistant detachment commander may sometimes have responsibilities that are similar to a conventional unit’s chief of staff, although these roles are not identical. In a small unit like an SFODA, there needs to be a clear delineation of labor between the detachment commander, the assistant detachment commander, and the operations sergeant. The commander and operations sergeant are operators who guide and control the conduct of planning. Unlike a conventional staff, which is led by a chief of staff, SFODA-level plans are not developed and presented to the detachment commander for approval and dissemination to subordinate units. The assistant detachment commander ensures the planning products are integrated with one another and completed to an acceptable standard. The assistant detachment commander may also serve as the quality control focal point for all products leaving the SFODA, such as requests for information (RFIs). This quality control function is performed during daily in-progress reviews (IPRs) and by spot-checking team members’ progress on planning tasks. The assistant detachment commander may also be the subject-matter expert (SME) on certain areas for the detachment, such as evasion and recovery (E&R), Civil Affairs (CA), and Psychological Operations (PSYOP).
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Special Forces Warrant Officers are Combat Leaders and Staff Officers who conduct and contribute to all aspects of Special Forces Operations in all operational environments. Specialized Officers in joint, strategic, operational, and tactical requirements at all levels of planning and execution of special operations worldwide. The 180A is the expert in the conduct of unconventional warfare and leads the effort in joint integration of emerging technologies. Advises Commanders on strategic reconnaissance, intelligence collection, strike, and security operations. Leads specialized teams in advanced special operations, counter terrorism, psychological, civil affairs and other missions, relative to special operations capabilities, as directed. IAW DA PAM 600-3
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As the B-team Warrant, it was my responsibility to brief in-coming WOs or Company Commanders who saw WOs as an enigma. They all knew the official blurb that went on evaluations but wanted something that they could use as a guide so I wrote and briefed from this:


a. You are NOT a Technician. A Technician never leaves his assigned position to cover down for the
OIC and doesn’t have a say in the Decision Making process. SF Warrant Officers have the authorization to command and are expected to lead men in battle which separates you from the Army Technician.

b. You are the 2IC of the ODA command cell. Know your Mission Letter. JM, ASOT, SFAUC,
CWT subject matter expert (SME). You are actively involved in all training and mission planning. In the absence of the Detachment Commander, you make the final decision. You attend all QTB and BFA briefings.

c. In the absence of a Detachment Commander, you are the RATER of the detachment’s Senior
NCOs. (Refer to the NCOER Rating Scheme for clarification) Conduct Monthly/Quarterly counseling.

2. You are the CHIEF OF STAFF.

a. You are the SME for all administrative actions which makes you responsible for their correctness,
completeness and timeliness. Most of these actions should be delegated to team members in order to give everyone a sense of “ownership” and as a professional development technique. You are not responsible for completing these actions but making sure that the right person is doing the right job.
(1) Training Concepts, DFTs and Enclosures
(2) OPORD/PLANs and Annexes
(3) TPFDD, JA/ATT and HAZMAT worksheets
(4) AT/FP procedures
(5) Reports while deployed
(6) AARs, Trip Reports, EXSUMS, Closure Report, SODARS
(7) Memorandums
(8) Travel Vouchers
(9) DA Fm 4187, 31
(10) ODA SOP

b. You are responsible for ensuring that all suspenses are met. Attend all company meetings.
Maintain a SEPARATE personnel status sheet using a Mission and Training suspense matrix or equivalent.

c. You advise and/or manage all staff functions for the detachment. You are NOT the alternate to
any of these positions except the S-2. Ensure that a follow-up is done on all requests for support.
(1) S-1: Personnel, admin and medical issues. RFOs, FP/AT memo, filing system
(2) S-2: Assist during planning, isolation and training; classified storage, courier orders
(3) S-3: Assist during planning, isolation and training; review Short Range Training Schedule
(4) S-4: Assist with Cost Estimates, inventory, budget
(5) Ammo/Range NCO: Assist with paperwork

3. You are the FUTURE OPERATIONS OFFICER on the detachment.

a. Maintain an ODA Long Range Training Calendar. Identify support and suspenses. Brief the Co Ops WO.

b. Plan for training after 60 days IAW AR 350-1, QTB and BFA; develop a Pre-mission training plan
from the ODB’s plan.

c. Write the QTB and BFA. Upon completion, submit it to the command cell for review.

d. Recommend and groom quality NCOs that meet or will meet the requirements for WOCS.

4. You are the DETACHMENT COMMANDER in his absence and command during split team operations. This is what separates ADCs from Technicians, the authorization to command.
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This should be bolded...

it is unlike any other position within the Army
“Creating effective intelligence is an inherent and essential responsibility of command. Intelligence failures are failures of command – [just] as operations failures are command failures.” Marine Corps Doctrine Publication 2 - Intelligence
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