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If your local spot has a Jacob's Ladder, I'd recommend that. It's pretty intense, very intuitive, and doesnt require long periods of time to get an effective workout.

I'd compare it to bear crawls up stairs. But it also has stationary holds so you dont have to worry about wrist/shoulder problems while still going fast (cardio) or slow (hips and down endurance).

Also a reverse hyper for those with lumbar and sacrum issues. Forces the vertebrae to naturally move and pumps fluids into the stiff joints.

An alternative to weight training, that scales easily with minimal equipment is gymnastics. Gold medal bodies and r/bodyweightfitness are good resources about starting.
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Originally Posted by frostfire View Post
to recap: listen to your body, maintain intensity based on HR (plateau can mean you need to stick w it just bit longer), eat as natural as possible, drop some lbs...n hijack the brain to make more HGH via intermittent fasting.
well, I had to stop taking methorexate since suppressing immune system doesnt make much sense with COVID. Thanks to it, I also had the worst GI and worst flu few weeks back (who knows, could have been covid as I had the symptoms). As I was bed bound, I gained weight and my knees quickly reminded me I'm out of "specs." I also noticed my resting HR was 54, which was high for me since my baseline was 37. I was going downhill

Without the DMARDS, the pain and swelling expectantly return. Since running/sprinting gives me pain/swelling for days afterwards, I have downgraded to walk/trot. I put the treadmill machine to max elevation at 15, then walk at 3.3 and trot at 4.0 back and forth for 12 to 13 min or until the forehead is sweating profusely/200-210 bpm. I do this daily after fasting from 8pm-noon and just before lunch (hunger and fasted low intensity make the best spice btw, I cook the same for days and it's tasty each time!). In the evening few times a week I do core and cables to spare the swollen wrist.

I'm glad to report that after some time I dropped 3-4 lbs, and am 8lbs away from the goal. Also, that daily inclined walk fasted cardio is even a better substitute that my resting HR has gone to 33! I am still building back to bench press baseline though, which was body weight + 10 lbs
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