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Originally Posted by miclo18d View Post
I was just thinking (I know that's dangerous for me) that of so many places in the world, we should have a UW plan happening in Kurdistan. Teams in there on the low down supplying training and weapons. We have failed those people SO MANY times and they are the "Yards" of the Middle East! They are smack in the middle of this entire ISIS thing. They are the future of that area for US interests and we are blowing it....again (for like a third time).
Absolutely agree! And should take this one or two steps further to get ahead of the ISIS epidemic. Turkey and Pakistan are extremely vulnerable and IMO a well thought out UW campaign could prevent ISIS destabilization in one or the other. Both are nuclear states and ISIS destabilization and control of either would be a nightmare.

I read a piece from Foreign Policy (I think) about why UW is not adopted as a strategic policy in the U.S. I will dig that up and post it in one of the UW threads started elsewhere. Don't want to hijack/derail this thread.
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