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Guerrilla Chief
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"Never ask a barber if you need a haircut."
“Critics are men who watch a battle from a high place then come down and shoot the survivors.”—Hemingway.
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Old Dog New Trick
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“You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink… you can beat a dead horse all day long and you’ll just be tired.”
You only live once; live well. Have no regrets when the end happens!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” (Sir Edmund Burke)
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A shitbag on your team is like a 200lb rucksack- Me
“For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack.” –Rudyard Kipling, The Law of the Jungle, The Jungle Book.
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Having Lesko Brandon on your team is like losing three good men.
Opinions stated in this post are solely those of the author, and in no way reflect the opinions or policies of The Department of Defense, The United States Army, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, The Screen Actors Guild, The Boy Scouts, The Good, The Bad, or The Ugly. These opinions are provided purely as overly sarcastic social commentary and are not meant to be used for mission planning or navigation.

"Make sure your own mask is secure before assisting others"
-Airplane Safety Briefing
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The difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is about 2 weeks.
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Area Commander
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Close enough, for government work.

On the Southern side, these don’t always mean what some might think:
After the “War of Northern Aggression “ they couldn’t say what they wanted at times

That curve is so tight you’ll meet yourself coming around the back.

You can’t get there from here.

Y’all ain’t from around here. - or in my neck of the woods-
Usins ait from cheer

Bless your little heart...

Saw this the other day and it is a great example and explanation.

If a Southern woman asks you “ What did you say? She is not asking you to repeat yourself. She is asking you if you are right with Jesus because your about to meet him...

From my Grandfather

Success * is spelled WORK
* or luck

A penny saved is a penny earned.

Keep your words soft and sweet because you never know, someday which ones you may have to eat.

In the land of the blind the man with one eye is king.
"It is because they have so much to give and give it so lavishly...that men love the mountains and go back to them again and again." Sir Francis Younghusband


By Dand

"In the school of the wilds,there is no graduation day"Horace Kephart

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Don't step over a dollar to pick up a dime.
"Unrewarded genius is common. Persistence alone is omnipotent". Calvin Coolidge

"The wicked flee even when none pursueth". Proverbs 28:1
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