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Ranger Roll to Firemans Carry - Advice?

Would be interested on thoughts from 18D and others on the following...

A member of our "skills session" group at our gym found this video on YouTube showing how to solo transition an unconscious casualty quickly into a fireman’s carry.

Got to admit it looks cool, but I imagine it has little to any practical application outside an immediate combat situation, if that.

The guy teaching it is Wil Willis a former Ranger and PJ.
But it still might be more for show.

But I'd be interested on thoughts, stories, etc from 18D and others.
Is it even actually used / taught?
Maybe it used to be?
It'd be great to have some background / stories on it if we do add it to our skills curriculum at the gym.

YouTube Link

Watch the rest of the video for some funny as SEAL shit.
“Quick grab my nuts, I’m a SEAL”


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