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Angry Mike
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Still hanging in there...so far

A CO 075 (when it was mountain) 91-93
B Co 076/073 MFF (when Blank Frank made us re-org by "lang skills") 93-95
A Co 074 MFF when we got to FCCO and went to one freefall team 95-97
At my current unit from 97 until I punch out next summer as a Troop SGM.

This is a great thread.

Lots of great times on these teams and they are some great guys.

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083/085 (number switch) 86-92
DLI 92-93
WO Crs 94
013 95-97
091 97-2000
090 2001-2002
SWC 2002-2004 Retired from Bragg.

Enjoyed every minute of 10th Grp time.
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B Co 10th SFG 1970-1973 ODA-16
Danny Flower, Joe Hannon, Mark Hollar(sp?) David Smith, (Tm Sgt), Sherman Jordan, Bill Remine
B Co 2nd Bn 10th SFG 78-80 ODA-225
Odeil Hacker (Tm Sgt), John Miller, Tim Martin, Frank Conway, Mike McTigue, Jim Hogan (Tm Ldr)
I getting old, I can't remember all the other great team members. I was the acting Team Sgt for ODA 221 for just an ARTEP to Pennsylvania. Tom Goforth was our asset during the operation.

Sorry I didn't get on sooner.
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094 98-00ish then it was renamed to 092 (18B)
reclassed to 18D 01-02
075/070 02-05

Bragg 05-09

Soon back to 10th .
I didnt do all this to be a jock strap.
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063 and 064: 1999-2005 18C/F

036/035/0135 (reflagging) 2005-2008 18F

2008 to present SORB for my SWC Trip
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11B/C-S, 18B/F/Z, 011, 021, 022, 036, RST, SOSE. Not in chronological order between 1983 and 2002: Tolz, Stuttgart, and Heidleberg...

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ODB-060 90-92
2nd Bn S-3 shop 92-93
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87-92 18B 043/45 due to re-numbering, 2/10 Devens
1135 Dix (reserve break) - reclass at Sam and Bragg
95-00 18D 035 1/10 Panzer
00- 01 062 2/10 Carson
short stint with A-1-5 515
02-04 046 2/10 Carson E-7 TM Daddy then filthy civie
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C-2/10 on 236 and 233 from JUN 79 until JUN 82. Team sergeants were Phil Hanley, Maximo Chacon, and Sherman Klause. Co SGMs were Sally Harper, "Firewood" Roberts, and Phil Hanley.

A little time in Berlin and Bad Toelz followed by the obligatory purgatory at SWC on Phase III, Robin Sage committee.

C-3/10 on 081 from JUL 90 until about MAY 95. I was the team sergeant.


C-3/10 on 080 as the company ops sergeant, HHC 10th as the 1SG, GP S-2 NCOIC, and 3/10 S-3 SGM departing in JUN 01.

Retired in JAN 04 as the Co SGM for C-3/5 (090).
Hope is not a course of action.
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As the sig says below now serving at!
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Greetings Gents

Big John here

CBTI back at Devens, 88-90
053 Devens
063 (after tha lanuage flip out) Devens
063 Move to Carson
021 Stuttgart 95-96
031 Stuttgart
Break in Service AZ Guard 98-02
020 Stuttgart
032 Stuttgart 05-07
ROTC on loan 07 -present

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Buck and Toelz

I was in A/1/10, ODA 016 from 89-91, then on ODA 014 from 91-93. Spent 2 years in Toelz, which I loved, spent 2 years in Boeblingen, wasn't Toelz is all you can say.

"A man's got to have a code, a creed to live by, no matter his job" - John Wayne
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031 Stuttgart
I remember 031 from Bad Tölz days....

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- si vis pacem, para bellum -
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!0th Grp

Sig. Co and B/2 '84-88
SWC '88-92
C/1 , HHD/1, A/1 '93-97
HHD 2/10 '98
"Solitude is strength; to depend on the presence of the crowd is weakness. The man who needs a mob to nerve him is much more alone than he imagines."

~ Paul Brunton (1898-1981)

R.D. Winters
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A/1/10 here.
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