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Darth Vader hates Han Solo

(Some of this is stolen, some is original).

Darth Vaderís hatred for Han Solo is much greater than his hatred for Obi-Wan.
Here is the evidence:

Hours after destroying Alderaan, Solo arrives on Vaderís Death Star.
On Soloís ship are:
-Vaderís son
-Vaderís astromech
-The protocol droid Vader built as a kid
-The Wookiee who saved Ashoka
-Obi-wan, the man who took 3 of Vaderís limbs and left him to burn to death

Solo causes chaos on Vaderís station, kidnaps Vaderís daughter, and proceeds to deliver Vaderís kids to a group conducting an open rebellion against their dad.
The next day Han sneaks up on Vader (the best star pilot in the galaxy) in the equivalent of a modified 18-wheeler and shoots him down, enabling Vaderís son to destroy the Death Star.

Vader had to be wondering who in the Mustafar this bad influence was.
He spends the next 3 years trying to reconnect with his kids.

Finally, he tracks down his kids and this hotshot, who again absconds with his daughter (as well as his protocol droid and the Wookie).
Vader, furious at this point, pursues with multiple star destroyers, countless tie fighters, hires an abundance of the galaxyís best bounty hunters, and executes commanders who fail to capture the Millennium Falcon.

Solo makes imperial forces look like fools while lacking a hyperdrive, which is the equivalent of fighting with one hand tied behind your back.
Adding insult to injury, though she had resisted the rogueís advances for years, Han seizes the opportunity and uses the excitement of the chase to seduce Vaderís daughter.

Upon meeting face-to-face, Solo demonstrates no respect, quick-drawing and attempting to shoot Vader, all while still holding the hand of Vaderís daughter.
Vader is only saved by his Jedi reflexes and armored gauntlets.

Attempting to teach Solo some humility, Vader tortures Solo and has him frozen in carbonite, a possible death sentence.
When she expresses her true love for this lowlife, Han uses his last breath to snub Vaderís daughter RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM.

I rest my case.
Waiting for the perfect moment is a fruitless endeavor.
Make a decision, and then make it the right one through your actions.
"Whoever watches the wind will not plant; whoever looks at the clouds will not reap." -Ecclesiastes 11:4 (NIV)
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"May you be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows youíre dead"
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