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MAJ Curtis Miller recovered from Laos

Welcome Home Sir!!

Air Force Pilot MIA From Vietnam War is Identified

The Department of Defense announced today that the remains of a U.S. serviceman, missing in action from the Vietnam War, have been identified and will be returned to his family for burial with full military honors.

Air Force Maj. Curtis Daniel Miller of Palacios, Texas, will be buried on March 29 in the Dallas-Ft. Worth National Cemetery. Miller was part of a 14-man aircrew, all of which are now accounted-for. Remains that could not be individually identified are included in a group that will be buried together in Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va.

On March 29, 1972, 14 men were aboard an AC-130A Spectre gunship that took off from Ubon Royal Thai Air Force Base, Thailand, on an armed reconnaissance mission over southern Laos. The aircraft was struck by an enemy surface-to-air missile and crashed. Search and rescue efforts were stopped after a few days due to heavy enemy activity in the area.

In 1986, joint U.S.- Lao People's Democratic Republic teams, lead by the Joint POW/MIA Accounting Command (JPAC), surveyed and excavated the crash site in Savannakhet Province, Laos. The team recovered human remains and other evidence including two identification tags, life support items and aircraft wreckage. From 1986 to 1988, the remains were identified as those of nine men from this crew.

Between 2005 and 2006, joint teams resurveyed the crash site and excavated it twice. The teams found more human remains, personal effects and crew-related equipment. As a result, JPAC identified the other crewmen using forensic identification tools, circumstantial evidence, mitochondrial DNA and dental comparisons.

For additional information on the Defense Department's mission to account for missing Americans, visit the DPMO Web site at or http://www.dtic.mil/dpmo call (703) 699-1169.
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Welcome home sir. Rest in peace.
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RIP Maj Miller, Vaya con Dios..
Go raibh tú leathuair ar Neamh sula mbeadh a fhios ag an diabhal go bhfuil tú marbh

"May you be a half hour in heaven before the devil knows you’re dead"
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Rest in Peace, Major. Thank you for your service to our country and your sacrifice. You will ALWAYS be missed and NEVER forgotten.

And thank you to your family for all they have had to endure for ALL these years. I can't even imagine. Our prayers are with you now and forever.

molon labe
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Welcome Home
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Welcome home Major Miller, may you Rest In Peace!
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Welcome Home
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Welcome Home Major, you have been missed but not forgotten.
We, the people, will never forget, never stop looking for your brethern.
You are home now, rest in peace.
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God Bless,Rest in Peace,Warrior..................

Big Teddy
I believe that SF is a 'calling' - not too different from the calling missionaries I know received. I knew instantly that it was for me, and that I would do all I could to achieve it. Most others I know in SF experienced something similar. If, as you say, you HAVE searched and read, and you do not KNOW if this is the path for you --- it is not....
Zonie Diver

SF is a calling and it requires commitment and dedication that the uninitiated will never understand......
Jack Moroney

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Rest in Peace, Sir.
"I took a different route from most and came into Special Forces..." - Col. Nick Rowe
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Welcome home, sir. Mission accomplished. You have not been forgotten, nor will we forget your comrades still waiting for their final PCS.
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Major Miller was laid to rest at DFW National Cemetery yesterday; under clear, blue skies. The Patriot Guard Riders, along with other Veteran's groups, rode in escort from Azle, Texas to DFW National.

Major Miller was a member of the 16th Special Operations Squadron when he was shot down. That unit still exists, flying AC-130 Gunships, at Cannon AFB, NM. The 16th SOS Commander brought a formation of troops to stand in respect for Major Miller's sacrifice and service. The Air Force Honor Guard was precise, dignified and well-rehearsed. I was very proud of them!

2 - AC-130 Gunships, from the 16th SOS, performed a flyby; one of them pulling up into a steep climb, and the other racked around in a minimum radius, 360 degree turn over service. It was very impressive.

It was an honor to ride for Major Miller, and to meet his family. His Wife never remarried...and made numerous trips to DC to demand accountability for the missing crew of Major Miller's AC-130, and other MIAs from the VietNam war. She is an amazing woman whom I was proud to have met.

Major Miller is home in Texas, where he belongs. I thank him for his service, and his sacrifice! Rest in peace, sir!

Patriot Guard Riders of Texas
Master Sergeant, USAF (retired)
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In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, Amen.
In pace requiescat Sir. Welcome home.
Dominus vobiscum.
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Welcome home Maj. Miller. Rest in peace.
"Solitude is strength; to depend on the presence of the crowd is weakness. The man who needs a mob to nerve him is much more alone than he imagines."

~ Paul Brunton (1898-1981)

R.D. Winters
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RIP Sir, welcome home.

"Let the blood of the infantry flow through your veins,or the blood of the infantry will be on your hands."
- GEN John A. Wickham, Jr. speaking on the responsibilities of MI soldiers.
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