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IDF Forms Intelligence Unit that Includes Autistic Soldier

While I'm sure that the folks in Maryland utilize every talent available to them, for Israel this sounds like a plan.
Just think of the potential to use their laser like aptitudes in areas of pattern recognition / analysis, software deconstruction, hacking & tracking, photo / voice / personal attribute analysis, and other intelligence endeavours.


IDF Forms Intelligence Unit that Includes Autistic Soldier

The Israeli army has formed a specialized intelligence unit that includes soldiers diagnosed with autism, a neurological disorder involving impaired social interaction and communication problems.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman’s office said that the autistic soldiers have remarkable visual and analytic capabilities. “They can detect even the smallest details, undetectable to most people,” it said in a press release.

The commander of the unit, identified only as “Col. J,” said that the success of the program exceeded all expectations. “Their job is to take visual materials from satellite images and airborne sensors,” he said. “With the help of their officers and decoding tools, they analyze the images and find specific things they need in order to allow those who are planning a mission to get the best data.”

The idea of utilizing the special strengths of personnel on the autism spectrum for intelligence analysis came from a couple who had served in army intelligence. When they put their suggestion to IDF Unit 9900, which specializes in photo interpretation and mapping, a trial project was organized.

“There were many problems along the way,” Col. J said. “The process took about a year. We worked until we achieved success.”

Joining in the initiative was the Ono Academic College, near Tel Aviv, which set up a program dubbed RR (an acronym for the Hebrew words “looking far”). Autistic soldiers selected for the program are given a three-month course before joining the army. Academic personnel from the RR program continue to work with the graduates when they are in uniform and also advise their army commanders.

In the wake of the success with the first group of recruits, the college has begun working with the army in developing programs that would utilize other strengths of those with autism. One course is for software quality assurance and the other for information management.

Asked about the relations between the autistic soldiers and other troops in the unit, Col. J termed them excellent. “From time to time I see them outside the building where they work sitting with others in the unit having lunch. It’s very natural.”

http://freebeacon.com/national-secur...rs/?print=1BY: Abraham Rabinovich
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IIRC, this was implemented in WWII as well for 24/7 monitoring of SIGINT or IMINT for that single suspicious "blip"
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