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Online source for ways to support troops

Looking for ways to support the troops? The Army has created an online source that provides links to sites covering activities such as sending packages and messages; donating frequent flyer miles; buying gift certificates; and adopting a Soldier or platoon. The site http://www.army.mil/howyoucanhelp/ also lists service aid societies and Veterans Services Organizations.

The Green Beret Foundation at www.greenberetfoundation.org is focused on supporting Special Forces and the organization that we at Professional Soldiers endorse 100%.

Task Force Dagger Foundation at www.taskforcedagger.org supports ARSOF.
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Thanks, Dan. I'll be passing this one on.
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Operation Love Our Troops

Operation Love our Troops is a free service allowing military families and the general public to send messages of love and support to our heroes this Valentine's Day. Your message will count as part of a Guinness Book of Records attempt to be the world's largest digital Valentine's card. Personal voice messages can also be added via our dedicated phone recording service.

All messages are hosted by the Library of Life, an organization that helps people celebrate life and share memories with family and friends online forever. Help us honor our troops and show how proud we are of them!
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Operation Military Families

First I am not trying to sell anything! My wife hosts/admins a support site for Military Families with the primary focus to wives and parents. It is a small, exclusive site and membership which is heavily vetted with major OPSEC rules and monitoring.

If you want to pass along to link to "dependants" feel free, just make sure they follow that application rules.

Operation Military Families

Again I am not using PS.com for a membership drive (actually they like it as a small and tight knit group). Just letting you all know there is a site for wives to receive support from like minded folks all in the same boat. There are wives from all branches and locations. I have seen this help wives and Soldiers first hand!
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Any Soldier

As the holidays approach, worth checking out:


Merged with this pinned topic...thanks for reminding everyone
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Thumbs up

I have sent 'care packages' to our troops via this organization for several years.

They are a good group. Marty and Sue Horn, parents of a soldier, started this in a small way and it has grown because of the time and love they have put into it.

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Supporting Troops

There are several ways to support the SF/USASOC troops via two organizations specifically founded that purpose.

1. Task Force Dagger Foundation at www.taskforcedagger.org

2. The Green Beret Foundation at www.greenberetfoundation.org

I am on the board of the Task Force Dagger Foundation and we stood up to help both the SF Soldiers in the various Groups, as well as the other USASOC units (e.g., PSYOPS, CA, Sustainement BDE, etc...)

The first step is putting one foot forward. There are lots of needs out there.
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Thank you sir...
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