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A new motto?

Haven't read all the entries here, but i think I just came up with a new one .....

If it ain't broke ... you need to find another job!

No one knows whether you're a genius or an idiot until you open your mouth and remove all doubt.

Don't know where I'm goin', but there's no use in bein' late.
I've never been lost. I've been a mite confused at times, but never lost.
I'm not lost! I know where I am; I just don't know where everybody else is.
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Originally Posted by MR2 View Post
Mid-70's... one night, we were part of an MP gun jeep detail escorting a detachment to the ISOFAC. When we were done, we swung by the row of 82d barracks, parked and flipped on the blue lights...
I was a grunt in the 82nd for a couple of years in the early '70s.
"Jumpin' Junkies"
"For exercise I recommend vigorous walking... and carrying a gun. The gun’s weight will increase the level of exercise and the possession of a gun on a walk produces real confidence."
Thomas Jefferson
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