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The Bolduc Brief

Interesting article from Don Buldoc. Linkhttps://sofrep.com/news/the-bolduc-b...onal-military/

The politicalization of the senior officer corps is the downfall of all of the military and SOF specifically. Getting rid of the politics will go a long way to alleviate this.

Another is to require everyone working in the SO/LIC office to have a SOF background and prevent non-SOF cronies and “experts” moving into the office. 99% of the non-SOF cronies and “experts” are very political and use their political connections to expand and ensure their upward mobility in their career and do not truly bring a lot to the table. I’ve seen several slow-roll the ASD’s directives that they disagreed with as they knew the ASD would be leaving “soon.”
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Most of this is above my paygrade. But I do agree with his 2 inflection points that could have been used as exit strategies. However, as he correctly states, decisions are not made in a vacuum.

I'm old enough to remember the justifications for creating our current command structure. Unfortunately, many of the issues that need addressing in this article sound very familiar.

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