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So who's doing something new

for PT or H2H?
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Smokin Joe
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Started the Karambit about a month ago.

Also going back to my basics and studying my old Jujitsu (old School Samari style Jujitsu not BJJ) notebooks. I'm re-learning all that I have forgotten over the years.
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Kia ora, bro
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I'm doing basic stuff to get get fit/lose weight. Waiting on some new boots so I can do some proper bergen stuff (not by the standards here, mind LOL).

Oh, and I'm a Un-e-versity guy now, so I get a cheap gym. Let the uni mocking begin!

Edit to add: Probably taking up Kendo as well.
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Jack Moroney (RIP)
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After I was cut on last September I started an isometrics regimen with a sling rope and a cane that allowed me to use the hospital bed and the wheel chair for a gym. A couple of weeks ago I got enough strength back in my legs and was upgraded to Canadian Forearm Crutches ,that gave me a lot more mobility, and clearence from the doc to go downstairs into my workout area and have gotten back on the crossbow and was surprised at how quickly I was able to get back into an almost normal upper body routine. Still sort of screwed when it comes to doing anything that will give me a good aerobic workout as I am not really allowed to put much weight on the legs yet. While it may not sound new, it was renewing to be able to get back into a good routine after all this time.

Jack Moroney
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Started running using a Heart Rate Monitor. Also read Heart Monitor Training for the Compleat Idiot by John Parker Jr. Program is for runners & triathletes. Also Serious Training for the Endurance Athlete.

At first its VERY frustrating as you have to run below your 70% areboic ceiling, cause you are going SO FRICKING slow. But on the other side I believe I'm seeing improvement as I build up my base. Its a 3 month program and I will run it through. Let you know when I'm done
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Originally Posted by 504PIR
At first its VERY frustrating as you have to run below your 70% areboic ceiling, cause you are going SO FRICKING slow.
Stick with it! You have to go slow before you can go fast.
"Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave whither Thou goest." - Ecclesiastes 9:10

"If simple folk are free from care and fear, simple they will be, and we must be secret to keep them so." - JRRT
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Rather than just doing boxing routines on the heavy bag, I've started incorporating some of the WWII combatives strikes into the workout.
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a creature of habit...

since retirement, i've become accustomed to a routine...i still do strength training three days a week...my back no longer allows me to run, so i hike two or three days a week...i work outside an average of 4-6 hours a day during the construction/surveying season and i do a little cross-country skiing, snow conditions permitting...
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I'm increasing the intensity during endurance training.

They put up a boxing bag at the gym which I'm using for at least an hour every time I'm there, which is two to three times a week. I've been concentrating on good technique and am about to increase the tempo now. Directly after that I lift weights and have just shifted to lower weights and more repetitions. My stamina sucks.

Then four Tsu Shin Gen passes per week. One of them dedicated grappling, one dedicated sparring.

I'm considering adding a running pass per week. Would have prefered a ruck march, but I don't have a good ruck.

I rest on saturdays... but often go to the gym to perform some light and slow techniques on the bag, and stretch.
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...but of course, that was before I got the brilliant idea to warm up the whole body at once with one of the machines at the gym. Apparently my back wasn't warmed up because I pulled something right in the middle of it.

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Martin, have you considered doing your strength routine first, followed by your bag work (reverse from what you do now)? That way, your muscles aren't already fatigued from the bag work and more receptive to gains from resistance work. Following this with the bag work can also help increase your stamina, as your trying to do power moves with tired muscles, which will fully engage more of your fibers and stress the 'reset' processes.
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I have a 25 year old girlfriend who is an aerobics instructor....

thats pretty much all the fitness training im doing currently. :-)
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I completed the 5 week prep routine for SFAS last week. It was a little too easy i thought. along with that routine i lifted weights 6 days a week, with a lot of focus on my back, shoulders and legs. This week i started the 6 week Green Beret and Ranger workout found in The Special Ops Workout by Mike Mejia, and Stewart Smith. This one is more intense but i'm loving every bit of it.

As far as H2H, I have no clue, the air force doesnt have a need to teach this, so my plans right now are to complete SFAS, PLDC, and BAC, come back for a few months, which i will volunteer to go to Camp Shelby, MS to gain an 11B MOS, and learn SUT, and also find a good H2H instructor this way i will have some of the basics down before i leave for SFQC and the rest of the pipeline.

On a side note, this weekend is drill weekend, and my 6th month in unit, so I'm hopeing to get the GO for SFAS.
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Roguish Lawyer
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Originally Posted by zeroalpha
I have a 25 year old girlfriend who is an aerobics instructor....
We'll believe that when we have photographic evidence.
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So I am still working on my push-ups since I am now doing a USAR APFT instead of a USMC one with pull-ups. It's annoying to undue eight or so years of doing one thing. Alas I must maintain my beginners mind if I wish to grow.

I have been doing the deck of cards routine with some time constraints added in. It's great to do in the evenings while decompressing from work / watching the news etc.

Take a deck of cards and treat it like you're playing Blackjack. Aces can be 1 or 11 but in my case they are 11.

Turn up a card and do that many push-ups.

Wait one minute.


Once you can get through the entire deck doing one minute between cards shorten the time between cards to 45 seconds, then 30 seconds, then 15 seconds etc.

This has been a great routine to help me build a base for my APFT.

The deck of cards can also be used for other exercises. When I was in Africa we would go through the deck with no rest between doing first card pull-ups, second card abs, third card push-ups, fourth card abs. It was challenging and fun.
-Stanley White
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