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Thumbs up great thread!

I've been studying Aikido and before that Pencak (Pentjak) Silat.

Both great MA and now trying to incorporate some real world self defense situation in my Aikido dojo.

This is a great thread, thanks everyone...
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Practioner of AMOK! (Link removed)
"I am the Kit-Fox. I live in uncertainty. If there is anything difficult, If there is anything dangerous to do, that is mine" - Sioux Warrior Song

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One of the things that I really enjoy about practicing aikido is the opportunity to walk into any aikido dojo in the world and be a welcome guest to practice there. It doesn't matter which style aikido one trains in, or an individuals rank, the dojo always welcome visitors.

Since aikido by its nature is quite encompassing, the experience is always a great one due to the fact that you can always learn (or brush up on) what it is that a different dojo/instructor may excell in or focus on.

Generally there is a fee of $10-$15 dollars as a drop in visitor, but I have only been to one dojo out of about 20 that accepted this fee. The others would not accept it, even though it was priced on their website or in their pamphlet.

The hospitality of the students/instructors usually extends outside of the dojo as well with a few places I have visited inviting me to stay in their homes, or making sure to inform me of the local attractions or dining establishments or nearby hotels, or waiting outside after hours with me until my ride arrived.

I do this when visiting family out of town, or going to visit my Navy buddies that are still serving...gives me a chance to get out and do something while they are on duty.

Also aikido is world wide, so there is rarely a problem in finding a new place to practice while travelling on business or if one should be deployed overseas.

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How about the ancient Martial Art of "Large Wrench to the Back of the Head"?

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Originally Posted by mark46th View Post
How about the ancient Martial Art of "Large Wrench to the Back of the Head"?


That's gonna leave a mark. Probably not the biggest wrench in the box either, just the one on top.

Really though, the tow driver should have just slammed him onto the concrete as soon as he launched upside down off the car!
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