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Mountain Tactical Training

I conducted a search and didn't find anything on this, so I apologize if this has already been talked about.

Following several injuries (upper and lower body) over the last year and over six months of physical therapy, I'm trying to rebuild my fitness, but also set me on track to go through a 45 day selection process (if accepted).

I found Mountain Tactical: https://mtntactical.com/ and they have a lot of interesting training plans. They have a ruck-based selection packet that includes start to finish over 52 weeks here: https://mtntactical.com/shop/ruck-ba...aining-packet/

Has anyone here used these products or heard about success from it? I did some research and found a diverse range of comments on some other sites including Reddit, but a lot of it seemed dated.

Thanks in advance for any feedback and advice!
Very Respectfully,
Intel NCO
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Thats a hefty price tag..... I'll save you $30, wire me the $200 and I'll give you my plan......

Save your money, and start a workout that works for you. Make sure you are getting some cardio, and by all means do some rucking.

You shouldn't need to drop that kind of money, be real with yourself and know your limitations. Work yourself into the best level of fitness you can attain given whatever you know of the process you're about to undertake. In other words push yourself.

Good luck.....
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training has been talked about here
"Make sure your plan fits the terrain or you will be slurping mud puddles”

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